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: 76 Somerton, , Donabate , Dublin , IRELAND
: 0868478326
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: Cancer
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At the beginning of August last year Merryn was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma - an aggressive childhood cancer of the nervous system. This disease can be beaten, but due to its high rate of relapse(70%), it will forever haunt her and her family. In order to give Merryn the best chance of beating this and preventing it from coming back, Merryn's family will be seeking treatment beyond the current course that she is on. This will come at a high cost and will most likely take her to Europe or USA. Merryn's family, just want the best for their little girl and to do everything they can to beat this horrible disease.

Merryn is like most other 4 year old girls. She plays with her dolls, likes dressing up as a princess, dancing to music and will most likely be wearing something pink... and she always seems to be creating - painting, colouring, drawing or making stuff. She gets excited about school and learning. She just adores life! And has the most infectious giggle. But unlike most other 4 year olds, Merryn has one almighty battle to face. Your support will help her in this battle!

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