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Caring for Padraig

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: 78 Iona Road , Dublin 9 , Dublin , IRELAND - 9
: 0876736414
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: Disability
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Charity Description :

Padraig Schaler, a recent TCD graduate from Glasnevin, acquired a very severe brain injury when he was hit by a van on 27 June 2013 as he cycled to work on Cape Cod.

He is now receiving specialised treatment in Germany.

All proceeds go to the Caring for Padraig fund, administered by a Committee independent of the family.

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Sorry, No Events listed however take a look at our list of events. You can select Caring for Padraig while setting up a fundraising page for any event.

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You can also select any event listed on our list and choose Caring for Padraig while setting up a fundraising page.

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