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Midleton My Place Ltd

Contact Details

: c/o Susan McCarthy, Company Secretary , 43 Main Street , Midleton , Cork , IRELAND
: 0872240377
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: Youth
CHY 20993

Description :

We are a not for profit group in the community and voluntary sector set up to provide a much-needed Youth Cafe in the town of Midleton, in County Cork. The building is part-funded by the Rural Development Programme and will contain a large community facility including general purpose hall, meeting rooms, exhibition space, counselling room, canteen/cafe, youth cafe and music room.

Overview :

We are a small group of seven local citizens who came together with the sole purpose of filling a gap in the community for the youth of our town.

Efforts had been made prior to this and some years back, research was carried out among Transition Year students in the Midleton area. The resulting report “Where Do You Go When You Go Out?” highlighted the need for a safe and welcoming place for young people to chill out and meet up with their peers. Following from this, SECAD commissioned a report on the potential of a youth café project in our area. 

As volunteers, we formed a limited company back in November 2012 and then the real work began.

We secured a substantial grant towards the funding of the project through SECAD, and we also approached the former Midleton Town Council who purchased the site on behalf of the Community. We then secured a long-term lease from the former Town Council (now Cork County Council) on the site. Paul Horgan Design Ltd was engaged for the Planning and Tender stages. Once these stages were successfully completed, a contractor was selected for the build through the MEAT (most economically advantageous tender) process.

However, there is a shortfall between the cost of the construction phase and the funds raised to date. Although we have finance in place for this shortfall, ideally, we would hope to raise this money before the centre opens in order not to incur the substantial interest payments negotiated with the term loan.

Where Your Money Goes :

We need to raise funds for the shortfall between the overall cost of the project and the grant funding for the project.

COST                        FUNDS                                        

Site  €200,000 MTC* site purchase €200,000

Build €570,000   MTC* Grant     70,000

Fitout€ 30,000 SECAD Funding   €330,000

Fundraising to date €100,000

TOTAL €800,000     TOTAL:          €700,000

SHORTFALL : €100,000

Of the €200,000 the group has had to fund-raise independently, so far we have managed to raise €100,000, which leaves us with a target of €100,000.

We ask you to please give as generously as you can...


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