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East Midlands Parkinsons

East Midlands is a branch of the Parkinson�s Association of Ireland and provides support for people with Parkinsons and their families in the counties of Laois, Offaly, Kildare, Westmeath, Meath, Wicklow as well as parts of Carlow and Kilkenny.   We also strive to help to get services for people with Parkinson�s in these areas. 

We hold about six general meetings per year in the Daycare Centre in Naas.   We have had many health professionals speak at our meetings providing us with up to date information on all areas of treatment and therapies.  Over a period of time we have gathered a lot of information from various speakers and as a result we have learned the importance of exercise and diet in the management of Parkinson�s disease. You may think by the sound of this that our meetings go on forever but this is not the case.  One of the most important things we have learned over the years is the need for short meetings and long tea breaks.  Over tea our members interact with each other and share stories and information.  Here many friendships have been formed and the swapping of phone numbers is commonplace.


East Midlands Parkinson's emerged from an information meeting held in the Johnstown Inn, Co. Kildare in 1997. The event was organised by Michael Brady and the Parkinson's Association of Ireland. About 20 people attended.

About a month later Michael hosted a meeting at his own home in Kill, Co .Kildare at which a total of 6 people attended. It was agreed to establish a branch of the PAI which was to be known as Kildare and District Parkinson's which was to support people and Parkinson's and their families in county Kildare and adjacent counties. As membership grew and people from other counties became involved the name seemed too limited and the branch changed its name to East Midlands Parkinson's. We now have a membership of about 70 people from Kildare, Laois, Offaly, Wicklow, Meath, Carlow and Kilkenny. We provide yoga classes, set
dance classes and speech therapy classes for our members all of which help to improve the quality of life of those living and coping everyday with Parkinson's. We also provide much needed information and support to our members and their carers.

If you would like further information or would like to become a member please contact 085 2112973, 087 2712448 or 087 6550176

The money raised is used to fund / subsidise yoga classes, speech therapy classes, set dancing classes and social events. The classes are generally held in two location, Abbeyleix and Newbridge.

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Ardlea, Mountrath, Laois, IRELAND

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