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Hello an update on my trip to Syria in Nov 2017.

Syria - known as the Cradle of Civilisation and where all religions have lived in perfect harmony for many centuries up to 7 years ago when the Civil War erupted. Now with over 500,000 people killed in past 7 yrs, tensions are at its highest once again in a suburb of Damascus - (Al Ghouta) where rebels have a stronghold and using local people as human shields against the attacking Syrian Government Army. Its not for me to comment on the entire problem or even suggest a solution for this country but only intend to highlight to the world media, of the millions of innocent Syrians that are effected daily by all sides in this war. 


My trip to this war-torn country last November was hugely successful albeit very distressing, however I honestly believe we helped some families and villages in the many devastated areas of Syria not least Damascus, Homs, Aleppo and Maaloula.  One example of this success is when we handed over $4000 to a hospital in Damascus to help a nine year old Muslim girl to have urgent Cardio/Heart operation, without this operation she would have suffered greatly and possibly would have died. The physician waved his fee and the money went to admin costs and meds etc and other staff that worked on saving this little girl.

We were advised four days after the operation when I entered Aleppo, that the operation was a huge success. 


I also gave some money to two secular schools in Homs where 25 kids were blown up/massacred by Rebels 3 years ago, by a car bomber and a suicide bomber. The car bomber blew up a front wall of school and killed some people and then a suicide bomber arrived within seconds whilst massive confusion reigned and then entered school yard and detonated his bomb.  I met with families and survivors of this outrageous attack on innocent human beings. That money will help in some small way with education/school items for all kids in both schools that back on to each other in Homs. All monies were handed to Principals and receipted.


All the funds raised and supported by so many back in October were handed to individuals and receipted and now hope to continue on with the good work to help families of Foua and Kafraya to have their children returned (54 kids aged 3-17 yrs, we have their names and ages on file) allegedly being held in Turkey after the murderous attack in Alrashideen in April 2017.

Over 100 people were murdered that day by a Rebel/Jihadist Suicide bomber on one of the 50 buses that were been used by Government soldiers. This was a planned evacuation by the Government and the rebels had agreed to assist up with evacuation to the last minute when they decided to kill young people playing around last two buses on the road.  They offered the kids sweets and soft drinks to entice them to play around the last two buses. Then the bomber boarded the bus and detonated his murdering bomb.

These buses were to bring around 2000 Shia Muslims evacuees to a ghetto/camp in Damascus. But it went horribly wrong for these innocent people. Now known as the “Bus Bomb massacre”, over 39 young children were killed, some burnt alive that day by these rebels and 54 kids were kidnapped for ransom, money demands and for release of some of their terrorist friends held in captivity by Government forces. I heard recently that 4 of these kids have now been released when the Government agreed to release some captured rebels.


Unfortunately on top of these atrocities are the imposed UN sanctions that still exist in Syria today where ordinary people cannot receive any medical or food supplies and only method is to pay extortionate amounts of money to neighbouring countries to survive each day!!  We are fighting for these people here in Ireland and Tánaiste Simon Coveney is listening but its going to take time to get any result.


I have increased the donation target as we are starting with €225. 

I am indeed overwhelmed with the magnificent support and generosity to date, so thank you all once again. I look forward to telling you all about the trip in person

All the best,



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