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Men's Cancer Alliance

We are a national alliance of cancer charities who believe that 'No Man' should die un-necessarily to cancer and that a culture of embarrasment prevents them taking action.

Growing out of the Blue September Campaign when three Irish Charities based across the country came together to encourage more men to "face up to cancer", the Men's Cancer Alliance was formed to provide a more effective body working to reduce the high levels of deaths to cancer amongst Irish men and create greater awareness leading to the potential for earlier diagnoses and higher long term survival rates.

On realising our common goals in relation to men's health, working as one national organisation, rather than three, we could ensure better efficiencies and a stronger voice. This works both for the services we offer and for our campaigns. Working as an "Alliance" ensures a lack of duplication and lowers fundraising costs.

We plan to raise awareness and to educate men about the signs and symptoms of cancer and to encourage more men to take better care of their health to reduce their risks of developing cancer.

Through fund raising initiatives we will provide patients with high quality services and equipment with access to expert doctors and nurses who can diagnose and treat cancer patients quickly and accurately in our affiliated cancer treatment centres, providing compassionate care to men diagnosed with cancer at every stage of their cancer journey.

The Men's Cancer Alliance is fund raising specifically to create, maintain and support the following initiatives:

  • To fund the Testicular Cancer Awareness Outreach programme in schools, raising awareness of this disease amongst 15-18 year olds
  • To support Rapid Access Prostate and Testicular Cancer Clinics in Munster and Leinster which provide 'rapid access' to diagnosis and treatment
  • To support the research being carried our at The Mercy University Hospital into Bowel Cancer and the provision of Tumour Genetic Testing that can help to personalise treatment plans for Bowel Cancer patients.
  • To fund the design and distribution of Bowel Cancer Information Packs for anyone affected by a diagnosis of Bowel Cancer
  • To fund Peer Support Meetings for men affected by cancer including prostate, bowel and testicular cancers
  • To fund Counselling for men and their family members affected by a diagnosis of cancer
  • To fund a programme to provide a Psycho Oncology Outreach Service at various locations in the West of Ireland


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The Men's Cancer Alliance, c/o 53-54 Eccles Street, Dublin 7., Nationwide, Nationwide, IRELAND

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