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St. Bernard Sanctuary

To provide Sanctuary and rehabilitation for surrendered, neglected, abandoned and sick St. Bernards in Ireland.
To help with Rehoming and fostering. To provide fostering knowledge among the general public on the proper care of St. Bernards.
Offer advice and education to the public on the caring and treatment of the animal.
All the proceeds from the charity and fundraising events will be used to run the charity for the care of the St. Bernards.
The St. Bernard Sanctuary want to provide help to all St. Bernards that are in need of a new home.
We also want to provide a loving and comfortable home for the ones that are terminally sick.
We will make them comfortable till the end.

Contact Details

The Cottage, Ball-Alley Lane,, Kildoon, Nurney, Kildare, Kildare, IRELAND

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Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 20154516