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ICUsteps Dublin is a voluntary support group established by former ICU patients, relatives and Intensive Care Nurses. We recognise that critical illness does not end on discharge from ICU, patients can suffer long term physical, cognitive and psychological consequences. 

Our informal ‘drop-in’ evenings are operating since 2015 and have now moved to ‘Zoom’, a safe space where people at different stages in  recovery and relatives can  share experiences, practical insights and lend support because they all have first-hand experience.  Zoom enables people from across the country join our group from the comfort of their own home.  We promote a positive outlook in recovery.

COVID-19 adds to the distress of ICU patients, including increased delirium, disorientation and difficulty communicating with staff wearing PPE, as well as being separated from family.

Relatives too can suffer considerable distress.  Guided readjustment following critical illness is necessary but not generally available. We want to create awareness of the consequences of critical illness and to advocate for the provision of aftercare in the shape of a formalised follow up after ICU discharge to the ward and extending to a Follow-up clinic. These measures may reduce some of the long-term problems and improve quality of life.  Our patient and relative information leaflets are available in every ICU in the Republic of Ireland.  Our service bridges the gap in aftercare.

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