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Cape Clear Community Sponsorship Group

Community sponsorship empowers members of the public who wish to become the face of welcome in their local community and to assume responsibility for providing a range of integration supports to a refugee family.

To participate, like-minded members of the public must come together to form a group of five or more, partner with a Regional Support Organisation (RSO) who will provide training, advice and support, and lodge an applications with the Department of Justice and Equality. Sponsors are asked to commit to providing financial and non-financial supports to a resettled family for eighteen months; and to source suitable housing for two years. Sponsorship groups also play a key role in introducing resettled families to State services, local amenities, educational and language resources and social and professional net-works in the new community in which they have settled.



Community sponsorship is a new way to welcome refugees to Ireland; it is a unique collaboration between Government, UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency), NGOs and civil society.

Cléire Community Sponsorship Group was formed in 2020

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As part of our committment Cléire CSG need to raise a minimum of €10,000 to support a sponsored family, of which a maximum of €2,000 may be in-kind contributions. All funds raised by the Association will be used in accordance with this Constitution and the Programme guidelines and objectives, as published by the Department of Justice and Equality and will primarily be used to provide a range of financial supports and expenses to the refugee family. If the Association is dissolved for any reason, any funds held by the Association, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, shall be donated to the Irish Refugee Council, a registered charity.


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North Harbour, Cape Clear Island, Cork, IRELAND

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