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Forgotten Horses Ireland

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Forgotten Horses Ireland CHY20409 is an organisation which was formed in March 2012, which is dedicated to the care and welfare of feral and abandoned horses in commonage and remote areas in Ireland.  This issue has been highlighted in the press over the last number of years but has concentrated for the most part on the urban problem.  Many people are unaware of the depth of the problem in remote rural areas.The charity is based in Galway and came about as a result of a large numbers of horses dying in a particular commonage area in Galway County. 

A census of these animals took place in May 2012 which resulted in 126 animals being counted on the day in this area which amounts to approximately to 2400 acres.   There were many mares in foal, which have since foaled, hence thenumber of animals is over 150 at the moment. We will be undertaking more counts of other commonage areas and trying to ascertain the scale of the problem in other areas.

These abandoned and feral horses around Ireland are a consequence of the economic recession as animals are abandoned by owners who can no longer afford to keep them.Irresponsible breeding practices have also exacerbated the problem, with the result that Ireland is now inundated with unwanted equines.  Many people have forgotten about the media storm that was caused about this issue in the winter of 2010 but it is important to know that this problem has by no means gone away just because it is not currently in the media.Many people are aware of the difficulties and dangers of abandoned animals in urban areas. Most people however are completely unaware of the scale of the problem as most of the areas where these animals are being dumped are quite remote.

After the bad summer, grass is losing all its nutrients quicklyand if no one provides hay and feed for these animals they will have virtually nothing to eat and many will die within a matter of months. We need funding to provide this feed, wormers, vets, farriers and transport for these animals to the sanctuaries.  The organisation is run solely on a volunteer basis. If you would like to find out more about the organisation please view our Facebook page ( forgotten horses ireland)  If you would like to volunteer some time email us on [email protected]

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