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Ashleigh’s Story
Ashleigh is looking for your help, this story is one that begins shortly after her birth, for the last 14 years she has been fighting what most would seem impossible.
Diagnosed at 3 months with Neurofibromatosis type 1 she has seen what most would not see in their lifetime. For Ashleigh this means as a baby she experienced tube feeding, broken education leading to full time home education, limited playtime, along with frequent Benign Tumours and the treatment that was needed at various times.
At 3 she suffered an optic nerve glioma, a benign growth behind her eye, that is leading to reduced eyesight and no peripheral vision at present.
In 2018 Ashleigh suffered a stroke, which lead to weakness on the right side of her body along with Tourette’s syndrome. Her movement was restricted which meant she was confined to wheelchair use for nearly 2 years.
2019 saw our angel face Scoliosis Surgery in the National Children's Hospital in Crumlin, this involved rods being place in her back, for spinal fusion with the hope of straightening her spine. Although this was a success and has given Ashleigh back some amount of mobility she required further treatment beyond the ability of Irish care system and forced her to travel to Portland Hospital in London. There she had an MRI scan, which indicated further tumours, five which where found in her brain, along with previous diagnosed ailments.
The mental stress that Ashleigh is under has meant that as a 14 years old, her life has halted, her education has slowed due to failure to hold memory and seen many of her friends move to second level school, her mental health has shown signs of depression and withdrawal from normal interaction for her age.
Our Goal is one that could well mean real change for Ashleigh, it will involve yet another operation for her in Portland Hospital in London whereby a consultant paediatric neurosurgeon will attempt to remove the five tumours in her brain, leading to relieving the pressure her brain is currently under. This procedure will cost approximately £100,000 and maybe even more.
Your help, Your donation, no matter how small is appreciated, as a family we are with our little angel in her fight to see and live a normal life. Your donation will mean we can move her operation date closer to reality than a point in the future.
Your help is for a child that gives joy freely, one that inspires, one that will lead to this child playing , going to school and becoming the teenager she so wants to be.
Do please make a donation and make a dream come true.


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29 The Wilderness Grove, Clonmel, County Tipperary, IRELAND

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