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: St. Mary\'s, Bloomfield Avenue, , Donnybrook , Dublin 4 , Dublin , IRELAND
: 016144966
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: Environment
CHY 14451

Description :

Progressio Ireland is an independent Irish international development organisation. As part of the wider Progressio family we are engaged in 11 countries around the world.


Through our skill-sharing and long-term development worker programme we work in partnership with social movements, church groups, networks, NGOs andcivil society and other local organisations to facilitate people’s active participation in their own development.


Contributing to structural change at a global level is fundamental to Progressio Ireland's work.


We do this by challenging policies and practices within the Irish, UK and wider European context, and by forming strategic alliances with global movements for change.


Participation/ effective governance and sustainable environment are our key themes and we focus our efforts in Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Yemen.

Progressio Ireland believes that solutions cannot be imposed by external actors but that sustainable and just development requires the active involvement of the local community.

The success of our development work is measured by people and organisations being able to continue to work effectively after our Development Worker has finished their placement.

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