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Save Gougane Barra

Following the shock decision by An Bord Pleanála, overturning the Cork County Council refusal to grant permission for a 178m-high windfarm, to be visible from the Gougane Barra skyline, and ignoring the advice of their own Senior Inspector, things have been developing rapidly.
• A full meeting of Cork County Council on 14 February unanimously declared their opposition to the plan.
• A petition launched on in opposition to the windfarm has attracted over 10,000 signatures in just over a week. People from over 40 countries around the world have signed, establishing this as far more than a local issue.
• The story has been gaining huge media attention locally, nationally and internationally. Opposition to the project reflects a huge spectrum of views, including those who support wind energy but are appalled by the erosion of public trust which arises from this kind of poor decision-making.
The local community has already sought legal advice to evaluate the case for judicial review to challenge the decision (the legal means for overturning it). We now plan to take An Bord Pleanála to judicial review in the high court.

NEWS: On 27th April, our application at the High Court for leave to ask for a Judicial Review was granted! (We spent €30,000 to reach this stage, but it is a success!) We believe our chances of winning this case are now strong.
The further cost of the judicial review is another €65,000 to a total cost of €95,000.

Raising this money is a difficult challenge for a small community. We are inviting everyone touched by the magic of Gougane Barra to join us in this fight to preserve it by making a contribution to the cause, no matter how small.

While this campaign is specific to beautiful Gougane Barra, we believe that the outcome of the case may change the way in which small communities are affected by similar development plans in the future, so please join our fight.

As the ancient Irish proverb goes: Ní neart go cur le chéile – there is no strength without unity.
Please follow this link: to help us to protect Gougane Barra for everyone forever.
If we exceed our goal, any excess funds will be used to enhance the community in the locality of Gougane Barra, for the residents and the many visitors who come here every year to share this haven with us.


EXCITING NEWS: Progress in the Campaign to Save Gougane Barra

Latest Update April 28 2022

Please donate to help us save Gougane Barra from the shadow of a very large Wind Farm on the Southern rim of our valley.

All your funds will go to towards judicial Review in the Irish High Court.

We have now been granted leave to proceed to the High Court with our application for Judicial Review. The €30,000 costs to date were crowdfunded thanks to the generosity of hundreds of people. We now need another €65,000 to pursue the application. If you are able to, please join us in this fight to SAVE GOUGANE BARRA by making a contribution, no matter how small.

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We will pledge any funds donated to our application and Judicial Review case with the Irish High Court. A Judicial review is a way for the High Court to supervise the lower courts, tribunals and other administrative bodies to ensure that they make their decisions properly and in accordance with the law. A successful Judicial Review can stop this Wind Farm project from progressing.

Any Donations left after our action will be used to enhance the community in the locality of Gougane Barra, for the residents and the many visitors who come here every year to share this haven with us.


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