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Cottage Rescue

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Cottage Rescue is a Small Animal Rescue based in Co. Tipperary and was founded by Hannah Fitzgerald; the rescue prides itself on being a Safe Haven for any animal that needs help in finding its new 'forever' home.


We opened our hearts and our home on the 14th of March, 2006 and Cottage Rescue was born.
Hannah has a vast past experience in Animal Welfare & Rescue, she gave many years working with her local SPCA group and has also done Cruelty Checks for the ISPCA and she got her love & respect of animals from both her parents and has rescued animals since she was a teenager.


Cottage Rescue is an independent voluntary organization totally dependent on the goodwill and the generosity of YOU the public and we are very thankful for that here in the rescue.
The aim of Cottage Rescue is the prevention of cruelty to animals, the promotion of animal welfare and the rescue and re-homing of unwanted or stray domestic animals. We work closely with the public through education and we help the public to rehome their dogs and cats and any other animal they may have. We work closely with the local Garda, Vets and our local Dog Wardens and also with the Media which makes our work with animal welfare much easier.
Cottage Rescue works in a home environment with specially built kennels and runs. Dogs are also brought into our homes to be properly assessed so that they can be re-homed more successfully. We work closely with our adopters by doing home-checks to find out just what they are looking for in their new animal. We are then able to match the new adopter with the animal that will best suits their home and family life. A small adoption fee is required to help cover the costs of vaccinations and veterinary treatment the animal has received before going into its new home.
Cottage Rescue deals with animal neglect and cruelty. We investigate reports of cruelty to animals and where necessary we bring in Vets and the Guards in order to bring charges against the owner.
We often take in dogs and horses from desperate situations and they require extensive medical care before they can be rehomed.

Where Your Money Goes

You might be curious about where the donations to Cottage Rescue are spent?
All donations of money received go directly into a Bank Account set up for Cottage Rescue. The money is then spent on veterinary bills which include vaccinations, microchipping, worm doses, neutering/spaying, flea treatments and any other care that the animals coming in may need, we also purchase dog food, horse feed and bedding for the animals. The bills for the Rescue are never-ending and we are always very grateful for any donations no matter how small.
Anyone interested in rehoming our animals or needing information can contact us as we are always happy to answer any questions. Please do understand that the Rescue is run by only volunteers and we are often kept busy dealing with the animals in the rescue that it is impossible to answer the phone each time it rings and that we can only return emergency calls, we do our best to keep up with the phone calls but sometimes we might be in the middle of caring for the animals or transporting when a phone call arrives. Your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated when calling.
There are many ways to help Cottage Rescue, you can foster and also help by making donations of food, or other animal related items. Of course donations of money always help for the continuous care of the animals we take in. We can also post out forms to set up standing orders for those wishing to make a monthly donation to us with the animals in Cottage Rescue's care.
Please contact Hannah on: 087 970 1919

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