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Rufina Gibney Harrison's Strip & Dip


€ 100.00Raised

€ 200Target

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Simon Mcgrory's Hospice marathon

In the last year I’ve had a few close friends and their families affected by cancer. The hospice provided much...


€ 50.00Raised

€ 1000Target

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Ruth and Fidelma's Fundraising Page for Down Syndrome Dublin

Laoise and Aoibh are Ruth's daughters and Fidelma's nieces. They are both supported by Down Syndrome Dublin to get the...


€ 340.00Raised

€ 400Target

33rd Chernobyl Anniversary Fundraiser - Plumbing for Independent Living Home

Each year we have a fundraiser at the end of April to mark the anniversary of the tragic Chernobyl disaster....


€ 280.00Raised

€ 2000Target

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1 week ago

General question - what was your favourite charity fundraising event and why? ...

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