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Youth Release

Youth Release is an Irish organisation that was established in 2007. The organisation was set up in response to the dire poverty that thousands of children live in, in Ethiopia.

The main aim of Youth Release is to support local organizations in the developing world to provide services to marginalized and vulnerable youth through the provision of educational and psychosocial support programs.


Youth Release was set up in order to respond to the needs of children who have been orphaned, abandoned and marginalized due to devastating levels of poverty and social exclusion. One does not have to look very hard to see the children that live and work on the streets of Dire Dawa. It has been recently recorded that the estimated number of orphan and vulnerable children is more than 11,000(forum on sustainable child empowerment). These children have little chance of living a normal childhood, too often becoming adults before their time. It is these youths who have become known as ‘street children’ and these are the children that Youth Release is working with and is committed too.

Youth Release works in partnership with the Ethiopian Catholic Church, Social and Development Coordinating Office of Harar through the Hararghe Catholic Secretariat (the development wing of this organisation). The Vision of this organization is to see a society in which people's spiritual, physical, and socio-cultural needs are met and where all people live in harmony, solidarity, equality, justice and peace. The aim of the HCS is to design programs that are focused on the alleviation of poverty by promoting food security and strengthening social services. They have been actively involved in the implementation of humanitarian emergency and long term development programs in Eastern part of Ethiopia through active support from its partners.

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Youth Release is an entirely volunteer run organization. There are no administrative or overhead fees. 100% of your donation goes to the programs at the youth center, to benefit the children.

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