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Charity Event Registration

Looking for an Event Registration system that makes life easy for you? Look no further……

charity-event-registrationiDonate have an Event Registration System called iRegister.  This website brings together Event Registration and Online Fundraising.

iRegister is an Easy to Use Online Event Registration System open to All Event Organisers for any type of event. Once your event is setup you can promote it and start taking registrations immediately. Likewise, Event Organisers have access to all details provided by attendees.

Likewise, our team will create the initial registration form and give you all the info you need to start taking registrations. This way the hard work is done for you and you can concentrate on promoting your event.

The great feature of the iRegister system is it works with iDonate.ie to create a fundraising page for the attendee using the information provided. We give the organiser some options on how this will work. Hence, we can either auto create the fundraising page, or ask the attendee if they would like to create a fundraising page. Thus, no effort involved for the attendee who is now also a fundraiser.

Finally, On the day of the Event you can use our Smart Phone app to check each attendee’s ticket against the system and record attendance.

How it Works


  • Event Creation
  • Free or Pay to Register Events
  • Event Ticketing
  • App to check Attendees Tickets
  • Registration Limits and Auto Close Event Registration
  • Attendee Reporting
  • Custom Questions
  • Promotional Codes & Discounts
  • Early Bird Registration
  • Waiting Lists

If your planning an event give us a call on 093 52467 or drop us an email at [email protected]