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Online Donation ToolsWebsite Donation Widget - Keeping Donors on your website will increase conversions

We have released a new version of our donation widget for your website. Our new widget seamlessly integrates into your website and keeps the donor on your website. You can view the widget in action on

As you can see from the link above, the charity is asking which service the donor would like the money donated to. This is part of the new custom questions feature available within your control panel. We will shortly roll this feature our to our direct donation via and fundraising pages.

We know how important every donation is and how important it is to make the donation process quick and easy. That's why we don’t redirect the donor to our website, we keep them on your website to increase donor conversion rates. We have also integrated a Monthly recurring donation option and made a mobile friendly version of the widget. Users on Smart phones will be auto redirected to a mobile friendly donation page.

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