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Cycle Against Suicide - THE 2020 CYCLE

Type of Event : Cycling
Where : Nationwide, Nationwide
When : 25th April 2020
Description :
According to the World Health Organisation communities can play a pivotal role in preventing suicide. With community cohesion, efforts to prevent suicide can result in impactful support, meaningful discussions and strategies that reduce the rate of suicide and bring an end to the stigma associated with mental health issues. 
 It is for these reasons that communities are fundamental to the work of Cycle Against Suicide. During our annual Main Cycle we rely on communities to help foster a sense of togetherness and promote the message that there is strength in vulnerability. That 'It's OK to not to feel OK and that it is Absolutely OK to ask for help'. 
Our 2020 Main Cycle takes place from April 25th to May 3rd and is open to all to participate regardless of ability. We ask that you join with us for some part of this campaign to help make a cultural shift and create a picture throughout communities of what is possible :

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