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Sponsor Education & Healthcare for Children in Ghana


Brain Power Development Centre (BPDC) is making a difference by helping children and their families to get access to free education and healthcare.


Due to lack of proper health care, insufficient finances, and teenage pregnancy, many children in Ghana do not have the opportunity to complete their education. Up to 26.9% of children aged 5–17 in the Western Region alone are involved in economic activity, with 20.5% involved in child labor and almost one in every eight children (13.5%) in a form of hazardous labor. The lure of earning their own money is a common reason why children’s education is disrupted by child labor. Teenage pregnancy affects the schooling of girls, and when it results from sexual exploitation, most girls drop out of school to look after their babies and learn a trade to support their families. (Source: Child Protection Baseline Research Report, 2014). This continues the vicious cycle of impoverished communities that lack the knowledge and resources to build a brighter future.


Brain Power Development Centre identifies at-risk children in need by offering them quality education and healthcare sponsorship in one of our partner schools and supporting them in pursuing a career to make a good living. BPDC is committed to providing community awareness and education related to drug and substance abuse, HIV and AIDS, malaria, and the risks associated with teenage pregnancy. By providing all of our sponsored children with free health care, we can prevent them from getting serious illnesses that lead to school absence and provide them with treatment when they do become ill, partnering with local schools and hospitals we hope to develop strong, healthy communities and empower children to escape the cycle of poverty. We recruit volunteers increasing our capacity & reach.

Long-Term Impact

By sponsoring orphaned or underprivileged children and providing them with access to education and healthcare, we are investing in the future of Ghana. Healthy, educated individuals contribute to the overall well-being of their communities and lead to the development of the country. By focusing on healthcare and education, we hope to end the cycle of poverty for these children and provide them with a brighter future.

Use of Funds

With the said amount of €5000, we can support 50 children with both education and healthcare. The cost of each child is 360 that cover the following: school fees, lunch, uniform, exams fees, extra classes, text and exercise books as well as health insurance for one year.

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Any direct payments can be made through our bank, details are shown below:
ACC NUMBER: 0193074495983601

Check payment: You can issue a check in the name of Brain Power Development Centre and send it to the organization´s postal address below and send us an email: [email protected]

P.O. BOX TD 618,


Contact : Reik Annan
Phone : 0550587816

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