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Blossom Summer Challenge 2022

This Summer, step-up for Blossom Ireland!


Did you know? Over 80% of people with intellectual disabilities in Ireland are unemployed while only 0.1% are enrolled in higher education. It doesn't need to be this way. This Summer, by supporting Blossom Ireland, you can provide lifechanging education and supports for young people with intellectual disabilities and their families.


Over half of our programmes are powered by fundraised income and we need you to step-up this summer for the Blossom Summer Challenge!

How do I get involved?

1. Create a challenge for yourself - it can be anything! Walk 10,000 steps a day for a week, run a marathon in a month, swim every morning  - all that matters is that you make moves for Blossom Ireland!

2. Receive your fundraising pack! We'll post it to you as soon as you sign-up.

3. Share with family & friends and start making a difference!

What are we fundraising for?


We're raising vitally-needed funds to continue operating My Blossom Channel - Ireland's first and only fully-accessible digital learning platform for young people with intellectual disabilities!



Challenge yourself by walking, running, cycling, swimming 10km or more around our little island to raise funds for Blossom Ireland this Summer! 


Will you rise to the challenge?


Here are just a few ways your donation can help young people with intellectual disabilities across Ireland:


  • A €15 donation can help provide essential materials for our facilitation staff to make the learning experience as impactful as possible.
  • A €50 donation can provide an educational resource pack for one family, so that young people with an intellectual disability can feel thoroughly supported at home.
  • A €100 donation can give access to our fully-accessible online learning platform to a young person with an intellectual disability, providing them with vital skills-based training to prepare them for life as an adult.


This Summer, have fun while giving back - get involved and share your progress with us by sharing pictures with us of what challenge you've created for yourself!

With any queries, please contact Shane at [email protected]

Contact : Shane Brannigan
Phone : 018770763

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Total raised : €  30.00

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Harbour to Harbour: Mr. Magic 4 Blossom Ireland

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Mel and Finn Fundraising Page

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Shane Brannigan

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Marian Collins

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