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VHI Mini Marathon 2023

VHI Mini Marathon 2023

4th June 2023


Breakthrough Cancer Research  is a medical research charity that funds the most innovative cancer research throughout Ireland and internationally.   We  focus our research on developing treatments for poor prognosis and incurable cancers, and over the last number of years we have brought eight cancer treatments from the laboratory to clinical trial. This includes the recently opened trial for patients with chemo resistant oesophageal cancer, the ongoing trial for patients with basal cell carcinomas and recent trials for colorectal cancer and malignant melanoma. These investigator led trials are examples of how incredible public support can help translate ideas in the lab directly to patients in the clinic. .

We believe the best way to change the future of cancer care is to invent it. That is why we are working hard to make sure that families, friends and communities across Ireland have access to the best treatments for cancer and never have to hear that the cure for their cancer does not exist. At Breakthrough our mission to make 100% Survivors for 100% of cancers.  Our world class researchers are beating cancer, one genius breakthrough at a time


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