### Letterkenny Community Centre Quarterly 50-50 Fundraising Raffle: Recurring Payment System

Join the excitement and support the Letterkenny Community Centre with our Quarterly 50-50 Fundraising Raffle! Each raffle, one lucky winner takes home half the money raised, while the other half goes directly to the Letterkenny Community Centre Development Fund.

By setting up a recurring monthly payment, you can ensure your participation in every quarterly raffle draw. Here’s how it works:

- **€2 per month**: 1 ticket per month
- **€5 per month**: 3 tickets per month
- **€10 per month**: 6 tickets per month
- **€15 per month**: 9 tickets per month
- **€20 per month**: 12 tickets per month

Because the raffle draws are held quarterly, you'll accumulate the tickets you've paid for over the three months leading up to each draw. For example, if you subscribe at €10 per month at the beginning of the quarter, you’ll have 18 tickets (6 tickets/month x 3 months) in the draw at the end of the quarter. However if you subscribe later in the quarter, say in the second month, you'll have 12 tickets (6 tickets/month x 2 months) in the draw at the end of the quarter. You will automatically be entered in the beginning of the next quarter in both scenarios.

We wish you the best of luck in the raffle and extend our heartfelt thanks for your continued support of the Letterkenny Community Centre. Your contribution helps us grow and improve our community services and facilities.

Good luck, and thank you for being a valued supporter of the Letterkenny Community Centre!

Donation Details Payment

Recurring Donation
1 Ticket per month

NOTE: PAYMENTS ARE MONTHLY ALTHOUGH OUR DRAWS ARE QUARTERLY! €2 a month will enter exactly 1 ticket per month until the the next Quarterly 50-50 Fundraising Raffle until the payment is stopped.

How many months would you like to donate for?
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