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Mike Melody

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Lough Corrib Cycle with Sean Kelly

2nd June 2013

2nd July 2013


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Croí Fighting Heart Disease for all of us!

Croí is a heart & stroke charity dedicated to preventing cardiovascular disease, saving lives, and promoting recovery and wellbeing.

More people die in Ireland every year from cardiovascular disease than any other disease. Heart disease accounts for 36% of all deaths in Ireland & one person suffers a Stroke every hour of every day! Cardiovascular disease also affects as many women, as men in Ireland, killing 7 times more women than breast cancer.

Since 1985, Croí have funded and implemented a wide range of initiatives across all areas of Cardiac Care, from Research & Education to the Development of Cardiac & Stroke Services and Facilities in the region.

Croí depend totally on voluntary effort and support. All activities are funded entirely from the proceeds of fundraising events, voluntary contributions, donations and philanthropic support.

With your support Croí can continue to save lives!

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