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Bicycle to Burma Fundraising Page

Bicycle to Burma Fundraising Page

Fundraising For Susie Long Hospice FundWorld Education Thailand
Latest Update !!

Preparing for the launch Thursday night in the Irish Aid Information & Volunteering Centre. Hope to see you there!

Susie Long Hospice Fund

The Susie Long Hospice Fund (SLHF) was set up in October 2007 to provide the highest possible qualit...

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World Education Thailand

World Education Thailand works with refugees and migrants from Burma who live near the Thailand-Burm...

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I’m Hugh Bergin and I’m planning to cycle from Kilkenny to Burma. The journey will be used to raise funds for and the profile of two charities both local – one educational organisation in Burma, the other a hospice in Kilkenny. All donations go to the charities, I am financing the journey myself.

You can find out more information by checking out my website or following me on facebook

The Charities

Undertaking this cycle I have the opportunity to raise funds and awareness for two local charities.
Susie Long was a friend of mine who died of cancer w...

How about this lady's voice..

Tue Apr 25 13:16:36 - 0 Favorite

Coming up to that time of the year. The Kilkenny Roots Festival 😎 I'm looking forward to Joan Shelley, The...

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Sat Apr 15 00:00:12 - 0 Favorite

As a follow on to Jim White's show last week, a friend sent me this story of his. The man's a storyteller, with...

Thu Apr 13 17:55:38 - 0 Favorite

One of those nights, had a tic for a concert bought months ago but wasn't in the mood, the cycle all the way into...

Wed Apr 12 22:52:39 - 0 Favorite

Credit Willie Meighan. And Clive. Jim White and Clive Barnes transported us this evening in Whelan's. A treat if...

Wed Apr 05 01:14:08 - 0 Favorite

- How would you advise the individual who wants to live a good life and contribute to the wellbeing of those not...

Wed Mar 22 23:39:03 - 0 Favorite

Just wonderful. The artistry, restraint and distinctive sound of O Raghallaigh's fiddle with Cormac Begley's...

Sun Mar 05 00:11:13 - 0 Favorite

Conspiracy theories, paranoia... Not so easy to dismiss this growing threat any more. From The Observer - "(SCL)...

Sat Mar 04 12:23:29 - 1 Favorite

The Lord's Prayer sung in Aramaic (the language spoken by Jesus) by Georgian church choir in Tbilisi. The pope...

Wed Feb 22 00:43:01 - 1 Favorite
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Hugh Ryan

Good on ya !


E Clare supporters


The Quay House, Clifden


Kate Payne

Hi Hugh, as promised, small contribution to the great work going on by all. I loved every kilometer of your trip, (from the comfort of my sitting room.) A most sincere congratulations, you've some great work and long may you pedal.


Saw Min Naing & wife

Donation to KRCEE - for a brighter future!



BRAVO Hugh - I'm sure Kilkenny to Burma by bike must be a first! How will you return to 'normality'?!


passing on some goodness ...

The good people at '' did a nice thing for me (unsolicited), so, I thought I'd pass on that goodness by donating a few bob to your good causes and in support of/with 'good' jealousy of your cycle from Kilkenny to Burma. Maith thu. Continued safe and happy travels.





Congratulations! It's a lot of hard work and I'm very impressed with your efforts. Cheers.


Dara & Brian

Well done Hugh


About the Cause

Susie Long Hospice Fund
The Susie Long Hospice Fund (SLHF) was set up in October 2007 to provide the highest possible quality of end-of-life care for patients and their families through the establishment of a 10-bed hospice close to Carlow/Kilkenny General Hospital. The Fund plans to meet this challenge through fundraising, increasing awareness of the need and benefits of local hospice care and by lobbying Government for support. You can support our work while having fun and keeping fit at the same time by taking part ...
World Education Thailand
World Education Thailand works with refugees and migrants from Burma who live near the Thailand-Burma border. Over 1.4 million displaced people from Burma have been forced to leave their homes because of political instability and threat of human rights violations. World Education Thailand's goal is to provide access to quality education for these displaced persons, through training, resource support, grant funds and developing the skills of local organizations and individuals....