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Fundraising For Aoibheanns Pink Tie
Latest Update !!

I want to raise money for Aoibhean's Pink Tie to help them support children with cancer by doing something I love, jumping into the sea!

Aoibheanns Pink Tie

Aoibheann's Pink Tie is run by a team of 14 volunteers. As a volunteer run charity 96% of the m...

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Check out to see what great work they do for kids with cancer.

RT @PaperPanther: Just a few hours until the premiere of An Gadhar Dubh in Cork. Here's a short clip from the film....…

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New drugs aren't always better; sometimes they are worse. This is why we do clinical trials.

Sat Nov 17 12:13:36 - 1 Favorite

Best of luck to all the Philly marathoners this weekend! @anpearce cheer cheer cheer!

Sat Nov 17 12:10:11 - 1 Favorite

Wow, Evie spoke so well. A powerful yet sensitive advocate at 14. 'We're not going to find a cure by sitting on our…

Sat Nov 17 10:46:35 - 9 Favorite

RT @1GaryGannon: 790,000 people in Ireland today are living in poverty. Politics should be about leadership, ideas, and action, but who are…

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RT @fight_blindness: "No one will find a cure if we all just sit on our butts and complain". Evie is an activist at age 14. Thanks so much…

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@Cooganlab Nice.

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RT @DrGlenWeiss: What? I don’t understand how this phrasing passes both peer and editorial review @VPplenarysesh @oncology_bg @Alfdoc2 #sp…

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RT @debrajskene: Looking for #circadian researcher with #metabolomics experience to join chronobiology group ⁦@UniOfSurrey⁩…

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RT @fight_blindness: Delighted that Michael Griffith, co-founder @fight_blindess and all-round visionary and mentor will receive the @eurod

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Damien Melville

Good on you Sarah! Great cause.


Therese Cronin


Mary Burke

Enjoy the swim !!!


Chris M

Go Sarah!


Christopher and Mary

Hi Sarah, best wishes.


Alena Minarovicova

I hope the water is not too cold :-)


About the Cause

Aoibheanns Pink Tie
Aoibheann's Pink Tie is run by a team of 14 volunteers. As a volunteer run charity 96% of the money raised goes towards supporting and providing practical help the families of children fighting cancer in Ireland....