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Aaron Glynn's Fundraising Page

Aaron Glynn's Fundraising Page

Fundraising For Operation Walk Ireland
Latest Update !!

I am asking for your generosity once again to help some of the poorest people in Vietnam, who suffer with disabling hip and knee arthritis

Operation Walk Ireland

We provide hip and knee replacements for people with advanced arthritis in developing countries. Ope...

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This will be my third trip to Hanoi to help an Irish team perform hip and knee replacements for the some of the poorest people in Vietnam. I ask you once again for your generosity in helping with this mission. We plan to perform surgery on patients who are disabled with hip and knee pain, to allow them to live normal lives. We are also training local surgeons in hip and knee repalcement surgery techniques, so your donation will leave a legacy that will last for years. Thank you for your kind donation!

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RT @Ellebelles1: I love his character

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Pay inequality has been widely cited as the single biggest barrier to recruitment of new specialists. Its not about…

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@maris_newsome But was it really a proper night out if it doesn't end with a fight in a kebab shop?

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@FlexBrowne People voting with their feet, and staying away. Remainers taking up too much slack, also leaving. Full…

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@FlexBrowne Conditions were always a bit ropey, long hours, fighting for resources etc but there was a good spirit…

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@FlexBrowne No dig taken! But we desperately need new staff, the workload is getting too much. Longest waiting list…

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@FlexBrowne Great! We would love to have you. Just need to get you through 6 years of med school, 12-14 years of 10…

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Tara O'Sullivan

Sounds like great work you do in Vietnam. If u venture as far as Hoi an when you're there please try to check out the kianh foundation




Ian and Dara

Wishing you a safe , productive and rewarding trip Aero





Watch those sumo injuries dude



I hope this makes up for missing your birthday xxx


Rustom Manecksha






Hugh McMahon


About the Cause

Operation Walk Ireland
We provide hip and knee replacements for people with advanced arthritis in developing countries. Operation Walk Ireland is at ground level working to educate Vietnamese surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and physiotherapists in Vietnam about joint replacement. We leverage our strong connections with colleagues in the United States to grow our organisation....