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Boston or Bust
Boston or Bust

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John McCormack

Fundraising For GALWAY SIMON COMMUNITY and St. Vincent de Paul Ireland and Voices for Down Syndrome Galway
Latest Update !!

A creaking middle aged deluded Austin Powers 60's throwback lardass carcass is going gallumping around city streets Boston Marathon 2020


Thank you for taking the time to visit my fundraising page on

I'm taking part in Boston Marathon on Monday 20th of April 2020 (Covid 19 has since rescheduled it until 14/09.2020)
I don't know how many marathons this middle aged creaking lardy carcass has left in it.

In case I run out of steam I'm going to fundraise once, for three charities close to my heart.

I've chosen to fundraise for

1) GALWAY SIMON COMMUNITY most of us are only 3 paypackets away from the risk of homelessness, it could be me or you)

2) St. Vincent de Paul Ireland (poverty is silent and sometimes invisible. SVdeP consistenty bear silent witness to that, but always help)

3) Voices for Down Syndrome Galway  (are a wonderful charity, and they are helping a son of a friend, and his peers, maximise their potential. Go Jack go!!)

All funds raised here will go directly to these three great causes. All costs of the trip are borne by me, every cent donated goes to the charities.

If that Covid-19 yokey cancels the gig, I'll run the 26.2 miles in the hils of connemara on the same day instead.
I hope you can help me by donating whatever you can. I don't think I'm going to raise Austin Powers "one million dollars" but .......

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Many Thanks for your support.


@pounderexpress All we were missing was the egg sangridges.

Sat Jul 11 23:41:40 - 1 Favorite

@kidney_boy Hitchhikers

Sat Jul 11 01:28:14 - 0 Favorite

@kidney_boy Try to get the hit hikers guide to the Galaxy. A trilogy in four parts. And when I saw four I might be meaning five.

Sat Jul 11 01:27:30 - 2 Favorite

@Eisdus @unity__network @welfare_ie The flaw there is that the infectious are often well.

Fri Jul 10 22:31:02 - 0 Favorite

RT @Daithib02: @macuimhirado Tell us what you really think grumpy arse 😀

Fri Jul 10 13:30:21 - 0 Favorite

@mariamtokhi @drvyom @RACGPPresident @brookmanknight @LizSturgiss @timsenior Going big means forgetting about healt…

Thu Jul 09 23:18:29 - 3 Favorite

@williamhboney1 Don't bother. Just go.

Thu Jul 09 22:43:38 - 1 Favorite

Haway ta fuck. Ye tan bastages and keep your abuse of your employees to yourself. Don't focus on Ireland as a moppi…

Thu Jul 09 21:56:29 - 7 Favorite

RT @Onceamod1: How fucking fast was that Ostrich going when he hit that tree??

Thu Jul 09 00:03:18 - 0 Favorite

@IAmDawnM Sure doesn't it look great on you.

Sun Jul 05 23:11:07 - 0 Favorite



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angela Ganter


Donation to John Mc Cormack for selected charity. Leo and Angela

Angela, Leo, thank you very very much for the donation. Before Covid I was due to run the Boston Marathon tomorrow (april 20th). It\'s been pushed out until the 14th September. I\'ve rolled over my run to that date ; Covid might even push that out further, as the Boston Marathon is a large gathering . Since Covid arrived, my training has fallen off a cliff. I\'ve been fundraising based on the April 20th date, and `I hope that everyone who has sponsored will understand that I\'ve pushed my preparation towards that date. I had promised to run the 26.2 miles in the connemara hills tomorrow, but that will be breaching the distances of the lockdown. I\'m starting my training from scratch again to be ready for September. Talk to you soon, and see you after the distancing is over, whenever that will be.

Lorna O'Dwyer


Lorna, sorry for taking so long to get back on to you to thank you. This Covid thing plunged the Boston Marathon into doubt, then eventually postponed it until next September 14th, and as long as it goes ahead then, I\'ll run it then. I have my doubts that it will, as I\'m not certain that large gatherings of people will be allowable or wise even by then. If I have to run it in 2021 then I will, but I hope to run it this year. When the Covid uncertainty hit then I lost my training mojo. I\'ve started training again last week, right back at the begging. Enough of the Covid carbohydrate binging. Time to get back at it. Everyone has been very generous in supporting these three great charities. I have to deliver on my part now, and I\'m begging everyones indulgence to allow me get my act together and run it when it does go ahead. Thanks, John

Colin Hamell


Colin, since you sponsored me, the Boston Marathon has been cancelled and pushed out until september 14th. I\'m still going to run it though, and hope to do right by everyone who has sponsored the three charities. Fair is fair. I\'d be running a personal marathon in the hills tomorrow as promised , only my motivation evaporated as Covid hit. Normality will resume. Training has restarted at end of last week. Unfortunately I\'m back at the start as my covid time carb intake zoomed to surpass my training. Hope all in Boston/Cambridge are well. Aidan must be home (out of NY) with you. Talk soon. John

Eddie Harty


Eddie's donation was offline, and I've sent it on line to tally up. Thank you Eddie. I might have to run this marathon in September in Boston, but it gives me more time to train and fundraise for three great charities, who need monies, now, even more than when we started this fundraising. Thanks Eddie. John.


Mammy and Daddy


Good man John. You are a topper. Sorry that it has been postponed. Make it a good run in September.

Mammy, Daddy, Thanks a million. Hunker down at home. I\'ll phone you tomorrow.



Thank you so much. Very generous. John

Robert Shaw


John Thanks for your huge support for the 90 Voices kids and teenagers. Its a vital cog in reching full potential. Good Luck.

Robert, I\'ll do my best. With this Covid, the run has been postponed until september. Every cloud has a silver lining. It will leave more time for the fundraising.

Amy Rossiter


you are an inspiration John, chat soon at GP school if we ever get back, best of luck!

Amy, thanks a million. Mind yourself. Make sure any of the gang contact one of the team over anything, over the next while.



Fair play John!




Thanks a million. Each donation is making me feel more and more guilty for each missed run when the rain is sideways. Just gotta get out there now.

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