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Deiric Lynch's page

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Target : € 1,000 Distance Completed : 3409.23 Km
From 20 fantastic supporters DONATIONS AVAILABLE UNTIL 01 Oct 2021

Deiric Lynch

Fundraising For Deloitte Online Fundraisers
Latest Update !!

I'm doing Deloitte One Good Turn Cycle in aid of Mental Health to fundraise for Deloitte Online Fundraisers. Your support is very much appreciated.

Distance Completed

Total Distance Target of Route

775 Km
Target Completed

Fundraising Target

€ 1,000

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John McLaughlin


Excellent effort Deiric and all the team. Chapeau!


Matt Arrowsmith


I can’t think of any better training for a gruelling, exhausting endeavour than Prexit. This should be easy in comparison!


Glenn Gillard


Feeling guilty missing Stage 3 and 4. Thanks for being a great training buddy - I enjoyed our sunday morning spins


Nuala Lynch


Well done.


Evelyn Vaughan Lynch



Padraig & Kate Kenny & Hannon


Delighted to see you have been able to combine your lifelong passions of cycling and helping people on this wonderful journey. You are truly one of nature’s gentlemen… hope your butt is holding up ok!

Dirk Heynen


Best of luck with the week and have fun!


Niamh Heynen


Well done bro! We’re very proud of you and all the hard work you’ve put in


Andy B


Deiric best of luck to you and your colleagues. May your saddles remain comfortable and your punctures few!


Nuala Lynch


Enjoy the cycle after all the hours of practice and dedication.


Recent Updates

  • ( Skip to last two paragraphs for important stuff) Over the past four days I have cycled from Cork to Limerick, Galway to Cavan an now in Belfast facing the monument stage to Dublin. When I first considered signing up I had not cycled big distances in 23 years and haves aged a little since then… I had an aspiration to try to train and survive the five days with a fall back to missing day 2 and 4 if needed to give my body a rest but I now know I am strong enough to make it all the way (barring any unexpected challenges). The event is raising money for mental health charities, I will confess that this was not immediately the prime reason I joined, I did so to give me a focus and a physical target after my personal isolation in the attic office -just like all of us - but I didn’t expect the journey it would bring me on. I watched the communications as people prepared and when it was possible I jumped at the chance to join a group ride with real people. I was nervous wondering if I’d be able for it but David Brady and Donal Lehane led the group masterfully and everyone felt safe and able and despite the horrendous weather we absolutely loved it. From there I joined every spin I could and started to get stronger and loved how friendships were being forged and people looking out for each other. The buzz of a spin ending with personal milestones of longest distances and time or most elevation was excellent to see. We all had bad days, there were relatively few mechanicals (and all fixed at the roadside) and each ride we stretched ourselves and got stronger. So we arrived in Cork, sorted our gear out for the next morning and went to bed and collectively had the worst sleep ever. We blamed heat, duvets, pillows, noise but the truth is probably the we were all nervous of what lay ahead. However we survived and thrived on the road and those earlier forged friendships were fully engaged in making sure everyone got to the end of every day. The buzz in the hotel on Wednesday night as people came to terms that they had done 166km after already done two hard days was deeply infectious and thrilling but the amazing thing is that nobody was thinking of anything but I’ve done that so now I’m looking forward to Friday Belfast to Dublin and 190km!! All the above is great but this is the most important paragraph. Over dinner we have had talks from the local charity partners and POW it suddenly hits you why this is not just about your own personal physical training regime, there are real people out there that will receive help that otherwise would not. Cork Counselling Services, Bluebox Limerick, Jigsaw Galway and Simon NÍ have given us first hand insight into what they do and how. The charity sectors as been rocked by scandal and it’s easy to get cynical but wow do these people live their purpose with such meaning. I have always had my favourite go-to charities, that number has expanded permanently. If you have managed to reach the end, I thank you. I thank you also for your contribution to these services and know that children (and adults) will be listened to properly for the first time because of your individual contributions. Folks, active engaged listening - no phone in hard - is important, if someone has something to say, it worth listening to. THANK YOU
    03 Sep 2021
  • Thank you all for the donations, 17 days to start and its all starting to get very real. Training progress is good, I have done a 160km\100mile ride for the first time in 23 years, last time was 1998 as part of the Tour de France starting in Ireland...I am almost double the age I was then. Now all I have to do is string 5 of them in a row! The charities are all wonderful from the traditional Simon Community that we are familiar with to more innovative ones targeting younger folk. I am certain that there is not one of that has not been touched by tragedy that might have been avoided with the right help. Cycling has always been my primary source of mental health, out on the bike you get a chance to reflect and rationalise life as well as get some good endorphins for the fresh air and exercise. It has kept me fit too and I am grateful for all that. Finally, getting involved in this cycle has had a great side benefit, I have met a lot of new colleagues in Deloitte. This is especially valuable to me as I joined in June 2020 and have not been in an office since March 2020 same as rest of us. Thank you again folks and here is a short video of my 160Km cycle.
    12 Aug 2021

Thank you for taking the time to visit my fundraising page on
I'm taking part in Deloitte One Good Turn Cycle in aid of Mental Health.
I've chosen to fundraise for Deloitte Online Fundraisers . All funds raised here will go directly to this great cause.
I hope you can help me by donating whatever you can. Simply click the Donate button above. All donations are processed securely.
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Many Thanks for your support.
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