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Niall Carton, Alexey Borichev and Alex Zozulya's fundraising page - From the North Pole to the South Pole

Fundraising For The Greater Chernobyl Cause
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The spirit of polar explorers is alive and the South Pole dazzles minds as strong as it did when Scott and Amundsen reached it first in 1912. A century later, the small Irish/Russian team is ready for an expedition which aims to reach the very heart of Antarctica

The Greater Chernobyl Cause

The Greater Chernobyl's Cause  most pressing project is a dilapidated hospice in the north...

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Niall Carton, Alexey Borichev and Alexander Zozulya will depart from Punta Arenas, Chile in early January to fly to the Union Glacier Basecamp in Antarctica. After a short  accommodation the team will fly further to 89 degree of the south latitude and start skiing towards the South Pole – a distance of about 111km (60 miles), and aims to reach the Pole on the 14th January.

With temperatures as cold as -40C (-40F), strong winds and altitudes varying from 2,500m to 3,000m the trip is very demanding to the physical conditions and equipment. This is exactly the reason we started training and preparat...

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Well done to you, Niall and the rest of the Team.


Gregory & James Corrigan


Magda Zawisza


Fiona Sloggett

Well done Niall, you did fantastic, Fiona


Simon and Moira Scott



Hilary and John Milne

Congratulations on your achievements. That's both ends of the world so that only leaves the middle to do! A quick circumnavigations of the world next?


About the Cause

The Greater Chernobyl Cause
The Greater Chernobyl's Cause  most pressing project is a dilapidated hospice in the north-eastern city of Semipalatinsk. This is a city on the edge of another nuclear nightmare: the Soviet Union�s nuclear testing ground for over forty years. Many remote and entirely unprotected rural areas were exposed to a series of five hundred highly dangerous tests. Fiona was appalled to discover that the contamination of villages and their populations was no accident, as at Chernobyl. This was...