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Elevate Your Next Campaign with a Custom-Built Microsite

At iDonate, our No.1 mission is to help you raise more. As Ireland’s leading digital fundraising platform, we’re constantly striving to provide new and innovative ways for our causes to elevate their online fundraising campaigns, enabling them to reach and engage more supporters.

From bespoke campaign, team, and peer-to-peer fundraising pages, to custom comms, contactless donation forms and virtual event technology, we provide a range of solutions for every type of fundraising event.

Currently, one of our most popular services is our microsite development service, which allows causes to develop a dedicated, all in one platform, that fulfils their unique campaign needs.

Read more on the benefits of creating a microsite below or contact [email protected] for a no obligation introduction to our microsite development service.

To view a selection of microsites that we have developed for our causes, see our brochure here.

What is a microsite?

As the name suggests, a microsite acts as a micro website for your campaign or event.

In comparison to a fundraising event page which is contained to one webpage, a microsite consists of a detailed homepage and can host a collection of subpages. Also, unlike an event page, all functionality on a microsite can be tailored to a cause’s particular needs, including the donation process.

The flexibility of a microsite means that you can include additional functionality including integrated registration, online merchandise selling, a private support forum for participants or other functionality that will serve to elevate your campaign. Once built, the microsite can be hosted on a unique domain or a subdomain of your cause’s website.

What are the advantages of a microsite? 

It allows you to create a fully bespoke solution for your event/campaign

By availing of iDonate’s custom microsite development service, you can create a digital platform that is tailored to the unique needs of your cause. It’s an ideal option for causes who require more customised features and functionality than a standard off the shelf solution provides. Whether it’s a live fun run, annual sleep out, hybrid challenge or flag day, our team will be on hand to discuss your vision, provide ideas and suggestions and work with you throughout the process, to bring your bespoke microsite site to life. 

It elevates your event or campaign, allowing you to reach and engage more supporters

Creating a custom microsite allows you to add interesting features and helpful functionality that will engage more supporters and help your campaign to stand out from the crowd. Add eye-catching homepage features such as promo videos, live data counters, integrated social media feeds and interactive maps and add content such as downloadable resources, news updates, picture galleries, sponsor logos and more.

A quality microsite can act as an interactive hub for your event or campaign, helping to drive engagement, momentum, and motivation among your supporters. 

It offers an opportunity to develop exciting and novel digital fundraising campaigns

Custom built microsites offer a valuable opportunity to create exciting, fresh digital fundraising campaigns, in particular for flag days and other big fundraising campaigns. By utilising our innovative microsite technology, you can create a tangible way for supporters to get involved in your campaign online, for example by buying a virtual brick for a hospice or community centre, dedicating a virtual star in memory of lost loved one or sending a virtual flower and a message to someone across the country. With a custom-built microsite, the opportunities to be creative are endless and our team just love a challenge!

It makes it easier for your supporters to find information and get involved

By building a custom microsite, you will create one central place to direct supporters to, making it easier for them to find information about your campaign and get involved. There will be no need to direct them to a separate registration page, external resources page or other links – everything they will need can be included on the event microsite. What’s more, you can create a unique URL for this site that’s short and easy to remember, and this link can be shared in all of your communications with supporters. The easier and smoother you can make the process, the more likely it is that supporters will get involved and the less time and resources your team will need to spend onboarding supporters. A win-win!

It enables you to involve and attract corporate partners

Want to attract corporate participants or provide recognition for your event’s corporate sponsors? A custom microsite provides lots of opportunities to do this including the option to feature sponsor logos on your homepage, the option to include a corporate subpage, the option to include a corporate gallery or promo video and the option to include corporate testimonials. You can also create a private hub for corporate participants to access containing useful resources and fundraising tips or request bespoke functionality that suits your individual corporate event. We have assisted many causes in creating corporate focused event microsites so just talk to us to find out more.

Our fee for the development of a bespoke microsite starts at €1500. Prices will vary depending on requirements.

For a free introductory call to discuss your causes’ needs, contact [email protected] today.

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