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Branded Fundraising Pages - Register for Demo

Integrated Fundraising PagesVery excited to announce the latest of our features – Integrated Fundraising Pages on Your Website and Integrated Direct Donations.

With this feature your organisation can have fundraisers setup Fundraising Pages on your website. We keep your branding during the entire process and users never leave your domain. manage the software at all times and no updates to your site is required other than linking to your new fundraising section. This gives you peace of mind knowing your online fundraising platform is managed 24/7.

The key benefit of this feature is donors now come to YOUR website and awareness for your charity grows. 

Also, all pages created on your website are available on giving you a dual system.

We have developed this feature as a result of feedback from charities. As with all our services there is No setup change or monthly fees for this feature.

We are now inviting charities to register their interest for a demo of the system. Its available for any website and setup is completed by


Landing Page - 

- Donate to Charity
- Start a Fundraising Page
- Sponsor a Fundraiser
- List of Pages Currently Setup

Fundraisers Pages 

- Fundraisers can also create a Short URL to their pages - E.G.

- All Pages created on your website will also be available on . Users will be able to sponsor from both sites. Reports will record where donation came from

Fundraising Page Setup

- All Images used can be replaced by your images.
- All text can be replaced with your text.
- Fundraisers can select from events you enter in or from events entered by i.e. They wont see events entered by other charities.

Fundraisers Accounts

- Each Fundraiser can log in to a profile and access pages they have created

Emails Sent

- All Emails sent to Fundraiser and Donor will display Charities Logo.

Reports & Events

- All reporting and Event Setup is done on Charity Control Panel

Please eMail me on for further details.

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