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How Causes (Charities and Non-Profits) use your data

When we pass your information to charities, they also become a controller with respect to such personal data. This means that they’re responsible for their own compliance with data protection laws when they use your personal data, and all such use is subject to the charity’s own privacy notice. idonate is not responsible for charities’ use of your personal data or the charities’ compliance with applicable laws.

When you donate to or create a Fundraising Page, idonate will ask whether or not you consent to receiving email from the Cause about the impact of your donation and other ways to support them including future events, campaigns and appeals. We will pass your consent preference on to the charity. Note that the Cause will need to receive your personal data to send you emails you consent to receive.

If you want to change your preferences for a Cause to use your data (to contact you or otherwise), please contact the charity directly.

Note that charities receive information about supporters from lots of different sources. We’re not the system of record for our Causes, so we can only collect and evidence your consent to receive email fundraising appeals from our Cause Partners as you elect on our platform. We cannot reflect any changes in your consent preferences that you make directly with the cause. For example, if you opt in to receive emails from a charity when you make a donation through idonate, but then you subsequently opt out by telling the charity, idonate won’t have a record that you opted out of receiving email from that charity.

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