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SwiftDonate – The Quick and Easy Donation Solution for Your Next Campaign!

As part of our mission to make giving easier, iDonate are proud to introduce SwiftDonate – a new collection of contactless donation tools, developed to meet the growing demand for quick and easy mobile payment options.

Our SwiftDonate tools harness QR code and NFC technology, allowing supporters to donate to your cause instantly and effortlessly, with just a couple of taps!

As with all our tools, the goal for SwiftDonate was to create an easy to use, low-cost fundraising solution that could generate revenue for causes without the need for new hardware. iDonate causes can access their SwiftDonate toolkit via their Cause Admin Panel and create a branded contactless donation form in minutes, customised to the campaign branding.

Multiple forms can be created for different campaigns or audiences and analytics tracking or social media tracking codes can be added to each, allowing you to accurately measure the performance of each different type of form used.

Once you have set up your SwiftDonate form, you then have various options on how to utilise this new technology, from simply sharing the link or unique QR code, to creating exciting scan or tap to donate merchandise that will revolutionise your fundraising campaigns!

Here are just some of the ways that SwiftDonate can help your cause to make giving easier…

  1. Create branded contactless donation forms that make giving quick & easy!Log into your Cause Admin Panel on iDonate and create a branded contactless donation form in minutes!You can match this form to your cause or campaign branding by uploading a header and footer banner (650 x 200px) and customising the colour scheme to your preferred hex codes.Add your campaign messaging and create a unique URL and your contactless form is complete!To generate a QR code for the form, simply click on the icon beside the relevant form. Then add the QR code to posters, leaflets or mailouts to link supporters directly to your SwiftDonate form.
  2. Create ‘tap to donate’ merchandise including key fobs, and wristbands
    With our SwiftDonate technology, the possibilities for fundraising are endless!Causes can now avail of smart ‘tap to donate’ merchandise such as wristbands, key fobs, and contactless collection buckets, which will engage supporters and make it easy for them to give on the go.Each piece of NFC tagged merchandise will be encoded with your unique SwiftDonate form link, which will open as soon as the donor taps. From there a donation can be made securely in seconds.This is a brand-new avenue for fundraising and a golden opportunity for causes to expand the ways that their supporters can give. Talk to us now to get advice on the best SwiftDonate solutions for your unique campaign!
  3. Reprofit your collection buckets with SwiftDonate tags
    Reprofit you collection buckets with SwiftDonate NFC tags and QR codes to facilitate cashless donations on the go.This will allow supporters to donate safely in the current circumstances and it’s also a quick and convenient option for those without cash or coins.Donors can tap against the bucket or scan the QR code to open the SwiftDonate contactless form which will allow them to donate in seconds via Google Pay or Apple Pay.As carrying cash becomes less and less common, contactless collection buckets are the way forward for fundraising, opening a new avenue for donations.
  4.  Create ‘scan to donate’ materials using SwiftDonate QR codes
    As well as creating NFC tagged merchandise, SwiftDonate also allows causes to create QR code branded materials such as window stickers, disposable coffee cups, beer mats, Christmas cards, table stands, newsletters and much more.Supporters can simply scan the code to access the SwiftDonate contactless form, enabling them to donate within seconds. Quick, convenient, and secure, it’s the ideal tool to attract donations.Click on the QR code generator icon beside your contactless form to create your own materials or get in touch with us to hear how we can support you in creating a variety of SwiftDonate QR Code merchandise for your next campaign.
  5. Send contactless donation packs to supporters for remote fundraisers
    In the current COVID-19 climate, socially distanced fundraising has become the new norm and a vital source of support.Now causes can make it easier for supporters to fundraise and donate remotely, by providing them with contactless donation materials/packs.Send QR code branded materials for their at-home coffee morning, NFC tagged key fobs to collect sponsorship safely (no cash handling) or simply add a SwiftDonate QR code to your letters or newsletters, enabling recipients to donate quickly and easily.With SwiftDonate, your cause can facilitate new and novel ways of giving, for our new and contactless world.

To get more information about SwiftDonate and how it could benefit your cause contact us now.

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