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Childhood illness takes too much, that is why CMRF Crumlin is dedicated to doing #whateverittakes to provide vital funding to Our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin and The National Children's Research Centre. We have been established for over 50 years.

We are committed to saving young lives, improving the quality of life for sick children, and providing extraordinary care so as to give all little patients the best possible outcomes. 

 At any one time there could be up to 25,000 children in Ireland battling chronic disease like neuroblastoma, leukemia and heart disease. In hospital and at home these conditions are painful, frightening and life threatening. That is why we are striving to do #whateverittakes to fight the causes and effects of childhood illness, until all children can live healthy lives and reach their full potential.

We urgently need people to join us and our community of parents, families, doctors, nurses and scientists who are working every day to save little lives. More than 50% of people in Ireland have been affected in some way by childhood illness, yet less than 3% of research funding is directed to finding out how to cure and treat sick children. By investing in treatments, technology and learning we are creating brighter days for the Children in Our Lady's, both today and for years to come.


Every single donation made to CMRF Crumlin will contribute to helping stop childhood illness in its tracks, delivering solutions and enabling gentler treatments.

Your donation will help improve the quality of life for children living with childhood illnesses, increase survival rates and bring these little ones the brighter days they so deserve. 

Over 300,000 children will need hospital care in Ireland in 2019 alone. Your donation will fund:

  • Equipment for diagnosis: €500,000 is needed for 2019
  • Support and extraordinary care: €1m is needed for 2019 to fund play, childhood experiences, therapies and parent support.
  • Investment in finding cures and treatments for children: €5m has been committed for 2019.


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