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Tap to Donate
Tap to Donate


Tap to Donate

For the first time ever, fundraisers can accept contactless donations 24/7

Simply select the amount, and tap a card.

No additional hardware required.

Instantly accept donations from anywhere using only your phone

For the first time ever, exclusively with iDonate, anyone can accept donations on the go with nothing but their phone.

Simply select the amount and have the donor tap their card.

Their donation will instantly be added to your iDonate fundraising page.

No additional hardware required.

Instantly accept donations from anywhere using only your phone

Mutual Happiness

How it works

in 5 simple steps

  • Download the app
    Download the app

    Available now on Android iOS coming soon

  • Log in
    Log in

    Using your iDonate Fundraiser details

  • Select the amount
    Select the amount

    Let the donor select how much they’d like to donate

  • Accept donation
    Accept donation

    Hold your phone against the donors phone or card

  • Send receipt
    Send receipt

    Enter the donors email if they’d like a receipt

Supporting Fundraisers to Raise More

Raising funds for your No.1 cause?

Supporters can now make a contactless donation to your iDonate fundraising page, anytime, anywhere, making giving easier!

Simply open the app, choose your fundraising page and select the amount for the donor.

Once they tap their card to your phone, their donation will instantly be added to your page.

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Supporting Causes to Raise More

At iDonate our No.1 mission is to make giving easier for our 5000 plus registered causes across Ireland.

That’s why we have developed this innovative Tap to Donate solution, which makes it easier than ever for your fundraisers to collect funds on their iDonate fundraising page.

All they need to do is open the app, choose their fundraising page and select the amount for the donor.

Once the donor taps a card to their phone, the donation will instantly be added to their page.

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Download now

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Download now

Our app is currently available to download on the Google Play store, and will be coming to Apple’s App Store soon

Note: An iDonate fundraising account is required to use. You can to create your in minutes.

Our  Partners

Here are just some of the more than 5,000 causes registered on iDonate that are now able to accept contactless donations from any donor, anywhere, at any time.

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Case Study

“Go Amber” for Pieta

iDonate are proud to have partnered with Pieta to offer a streamlined contactless donation solution for their Go Amber event, which took place nationwide on September 10th 2023.

For the first time ever, Pieta could provide their 75 volunteers with an easy to use option for collecting contactless donations from supporters on the day, at various public locations such as shopping centres.

By downloading the Tap to Donate app to their phones, volunteers were able to provide an alternative for those who wished to support the campaign, but were not carrying cash.

“Our staff and volunteers used the iDonate Tap App for our National Flag Day event on World Suicide Prevention Day as a way to raise funds and awareness for Pieta’s vital services. We had been struggling to find an easy and secure solution to enable supporters who don’t carry cash to still donate, and this app was a fantastic addition. We were able to raise more funds on the day and we hope to incorporate this technology for our future campaigns”

Cathy Drummond, Pieta

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iDonate was established in 2010 to assist charities & non profits to achieve their fundraising goals.

Our aim is to provide tools for both charities and fundraisers to help raise much needed funds.