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Free registration for causes

There is no cost to register a cause or set up a fundraising campaign on our platform. Other sites charge monthly/yearly fees to be listed on their platform, but iDonate provide this service for free. Once approved, you will be notified by our team.

0% Platform Fee Model – Pay less, raise more!

Our default fee model is the 0% Platform Fee Model.

With this model, neither causes nor donors are required to pay a platform fee for using our service.

Instead, donors can choose to make a contribution to the cost of running the site if they wish. This is fully optional and transparent, and the amount is decided by the individual donor.

With zero platform fees and higher conversion rates than other fee models, causes on our 0% Platform Fee Model are guaranteed to raise more.

See full details below, including the top benefits of the iDonate 0% Platform Fee Model for causes.

Platform fee for cause


With our 0% Platform Fee Model, causes are not charged any fee for fundraising on our platform, enabling them to raise more.

Platform fee for donor


With our 0% Platform Fee Model, contributions are fully optional. Donors can opt to support the running of the site, but this is voluntary.

Transaction charge on donations

+ 25c

With our 0% Platform Fee Model, the only charge that applies is a small transaction fee, which is 1% lower than other leading platforms.

Transaction charge

We provide a number of payment methods for donors including Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay, all of which result in a charge to iDonate. Therefore our transaction charge on donations is 1.95% + 25c.

Our No.1 aim is to Make Giving Easier, so we keep our transaction cost as low as possible. With a 1% lower transaction charge than other leading fundraising platforms, iDonate continue to support Irish causes to raise more.

iDonate Tap is excluded from the 0% Platform Fee model, and donations taken via our Tap to Donate app are 4.5% + Transaction charge.

0% Platform Fee Model – Top benefits for causes

Guaranteed higher net donation amount

Your cause will receive 100% of each donation received, minus the small payment transaction fee, which is the only fee that the cause is required to pay on this fee model.

Predictability of costs

As opposed to other fee models which rely on the generosity of donors, the 0% Platform Fee Model provides a low fixed cost that guarantees a high level of predictability for fundraisers.

Full transparency for donors

We provide full transparency for donors, so unlike other leading fundraising platforms, there are no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises. Contributions are fully optional and the donor can choose the amount.

Same great benefits!

Our 0% Platform Fee Model offers the same great benefits as our Donor Cover Fee Model, including mobile payment options for donors and a range of fantastic free fundraising tools and features to help causes raise more!

Donor Cover Fee Model

In addition to our default 0% Platform Fee Model, we also offer a Donor Cover Fee Model, which gives donors the option to cover our 4.5% platform fee, plus the transaction fee, on behalf of the cause.

If the donor opts to cover both fees, then the cause receives 100% of the donation.

If a donor does not opt to cover fees, then both charges are deducted from the donation that the cause receives.

Which fee model is best for my cause?

Choosing the best fee model for your cause is important.

For causes that value stability, the 0% Platform Fee Model offers a fixed low cost that remains consistent, regardless of donor behaviour. Your cause can be sure that they will receive 100% of every donation, minus the small transaction charge. Conversion rates are also higher on this model, helping causes to raise more.

The main benefit of the Donor Cover Fee Model is that it enables causes to provide the option for donors to cover both fees (platform and transaction). This is less predictable as it is dependent on donor generosity. If a donors opts to not cover fees, then both of these charges will be deducted from the donation.

See a full comparison of both models offered by iDonate below.

To talk to a member of our team about our fee options, contact [email protected].

Why do causes choose iDonate?

  • As a 100% Irish owned platform, we’re committed to providing the best service for our causes and to Making Giving Easy for everyone.
  • Registering on iDonate is free and there’s no charge to set up a fundraising campaign. Unlike other sites we do not charge monthly/yearly listing fees.
  • With our 0% Platform Fee Option, your cause will pay no platform fee on any donations received through iDonate, enabling you to raise more.
  • Our fees are fully transparent with no hidden costs or unexpected extras.
  • We provide secure and easy payment options for donors and all donations are transferred directly to each cause on a monthly basis.