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#KOG10 Deirdre Moriarty


€ 50.00Raised

€ 500Target

Mark Nother's Fundraising Page

Just over 8 years ago I developed a chronic pain condition (New Daily Persistent Headache), and whereas in years gone...


€ 3095.00Raised

€ 5000Target

Roisin Rusk's Fundraising Page

I'm doing it for them as more and more families are in need of their help and they receive no...


€ 296.00Raised

€ 350Target

The Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust - A Swim for Alan 2017

On 3 February 2015, Alan Cummins tragically lost his life in Perth, Western Australia.  While it was a devastating loss...


€ 2332.50Raised

€ 5000Target

Our Community Members


I'm in Desperate need of help. My husband had a massive billeting stroke 2 weeks ago and a week and a half later the neighbor who owns the land that our mobile home is on serve me with a 30-day eviction notice. I am disabled and only make $900 a month. If I am forced to leave I will lose my home if I can't find the money to have it move somewhere. Before his stroke, my husband took out a title loan on our car for $1,500 he never told me about it. If I don't find a way to pay for that I will lose the car as well. I tried to turn to my family and friends for help but there was no help to be found there. The only comfort I have right now or my two dogs which I will be forced to give away if I lose my home. I am losing hope. I have never felt so utterly alone in my entire life I've never asked for charity and I'm ashamed that I am having to ask now. I am 53 years old and about to lose everything. I'm finding it very hard to keep faith. I started a fundraising campaign on called Help Suzanne Romera live through her worst nightmare. If you are able to help it would be most welcome. If you are unable to help some encouraging words would be most welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read about my hardship. God bless you. ...

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