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annmarie murray's page

Thank you for taking the time to visit my fundraising page on I'm taking part in Some like it...


€ 125.00Raised

€ 100Target

Holiday Giveaway for Robyn

Fancy winning a weekend for 2 to Seville, Spain? and @peaches_og have teamed up with @travelnal_ to offer 1...


€ 1576.45Raised

€ 20000Target

Miracle Miles for Temple Street

The Swim for a Mile Challenge is delighted to announce Temple Street Childrens Hospital as our officialy charity partner for 2019. Over 147,000...


€ 105.00Raised

€ 10000Target

Profile Image

Lauren Cummins's Fundraising Page


€ 75.00Raised

€ 100Target

Our Community Members


1 week ago

Whats with all the Gym offers for Valentines day this year!!!
Some of the cringiest ads I've seen in a long time!

If I arrived home this evening with couples membership present instead of flowers, I doubt I'd get a Thank You!!!

Whats the worst Valentines advert you've seen today?

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