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At idonate our no.1 mission is to make giving easier, so we’ve created a range of unique and innovative fundraising tools and features to support your fundraising efforts. Why not arrange a call with us to see how we can help your cause to reach more supporters and raise more?

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages.

On idonate, supporters can set up a personal fundraising page in seconds and start raising funds for your cause. Whether they want to join your event or set up their own fundraiser in aid of your cause, our donor centric platform makes it easy to become a fundraising champion! With our page customisation options, live fund and distance trackers and social media sharing functionality, fundraisers can keep supporters updated on their progress, making giving easier.

Create a Campaign

Reach more supporters by creating a campaign for your cause, with event, team, and personal fundraising pages! Your event page acts as a centralised hub to direct your fundraisers to, showcasing the campaign messaging, logo, target, funds raised and donate button. Event page visitors can view all the fundraising pages connected to the event, as well as a funds and distance leader boards, adding some healthy competition for fundraisers!

Bespoke Campaign Pages

Bring your campaign to the next level with bespoke fundraising page templates! Match your event, team, and personal fundraising pages to your branding, incorporate corporate sponsor’s logos and add custom features or graphics to enhance your individual campaign. We will work closely with you on creating a campaign that will capture the attention of your supporters and make your campaign stand out from the crowd!

Team Pages

What’s better than a fundraising champion? A team of fundraising champions! That’s why we’ve created team fundraising pages, which allow fundraisers to join forces in aid of your cause. A great feature for corporates, families, or community groups, team pages display all team members fundraising pages on one central page, along with the team target and total raised. With the ‘Join Team’ button, it’s super easy for team members to get connected and create their personal fundraising pages, all in one go!

Virtual Event Tools

Virtual events have become hugely popular in recent years, offering a new, exciting, and flexible way for supporters to get active and fundraise for your cause. iDonate are constantly devising new innovative technology to make virtual and hybrid missions even more engaging, from integrated fitness trackers and virtual mapping technology, to live counters and custom communication journeys. Have an idea for a fun virtual challenge? Work with us and let’s make it happen!

Fitness App Integration

iDonate fundraising pages integrate with all the popular fitness apps, making it easy for event participants to track and showcase their progress during active challenges – a great way to stay motivated! Whether it’s Malin to Mizen or Dublin to Tokyo, our smart tech allows you to get creative and organise an event that will capture the imagination of your supporters, resulting in more funds raised for your cause!

Secure & Easy Payment Options

As a fully PCI compliant company, all payments received through our platform are processed securely. As part of our mission to ‘make giving easy’, idonate are fully integrated with PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay, making mobile payments effortless for donors. These extra convenient payment options drive up donor conversion rates, helping causes to raise more. In addition, 93% of our donors currently opt to cover the causes’ fee – meaning even more funds for your cause!

Multiple Cause Integration

Teaming up with other causes for a special event? With idonate, you can integrate multiple causes on campaign fundraising pages, enabling each cause to receive their share of the funds raised. Pages will feature logos from each charity and our system will allocate the appropriate share of funds to each charity automatically, removing the hassle of transferring payments between accounts. Now that’s what we call teamwork!

Contactless Payment Forms

In our increasingly cashless society, contactless payment options are becoming more and more popular. That’s why idonate have created contactless donation forms for mobile, designed to allow quick donations via Google Pay and Apple Pay. These new scan and tap donation forms not only make giving easier, but also speedier and safer! Forms can also be linked to a QR code, allowing you to create cool, contactless and low cost campaigns for your cause.

Integrated Event Registration

idonate provide integrated event registration through our partners and global leading registration providers njuko. Personal and team fundraising pages can be created automatically upon registration, making it quick and easy for your fundraisers to get set up and start raising funds. Our Events Plus Package also includes merchandise fulfilment, making it a one stop solution for all your event needs!

Custom Built Microsites

Give your event the best chance for success by creating a custom-built microsite! A microsite will allow you to share all your event information in one central place, making it easy for supporters to find out more and get involved. Customise your site with your unique branding and messaging, add eye-catching bespoke features and include webpages with extra information and then watch as your participant numbers rise!

Cause Control Panel

Take control of your campaign in your cause admin panel, where you can access a range of fundraiser and donor management tools. Here you can access detailed campaign data and easily download fundraiser reports which can then be uploaded to your CRM system. You can also set up teams, access unique toolkits, add corporate pages and communicate with fundraisers directly – all valuable tools for ensuring a successful fundraising campaign!

Fundraiser Helpdesk

Unlike some other leading platforms, our friendly, helpful Support Team are locally based and will be there to assist your fundraisers with any queries or issues they may have during their fundraising journey. This ensures that your fundraisers can get set up with zero hassle and enjoy a positive experience while fundraising for your cause! Our helpdesk team will also be there to help you with any queries that your cause may have, allowing you to concentrate on raising more!

Online Raffle Creator

Innovation is at the heart of how we ‘make giving easier’ at idonate and our new online raffle technology is the latest addition to our extensive fundraiser toolkit. A firm favourite of fundraisers, a raffle is a guaranteed way to raise funds for your cause and our online raffle makes it more convenient, eliminating the need for physical tickets and handling of cash. With its quick and easy setup, an online raffle can be created in minutes on idonate making it the perfect solution for busy fundraisers!

Web form Integration

This option is ideal for charities who prefer fundraisers to register via a form on their own website. iDonate can integrate and connect your web form to our platform, so that fundraising pages are autogenerated upon registration. We can also support you in designing and creating the form on your website, making the whole process easy and hassle-free for your cause!

E-signing Service

Greatly increase your returns from the Charitable Donations Tax Relief Scheme by utilising our popular e-signing service, which gives your qualifying donors the option to e-sign the CHY 3/4 online. With our seamless integration, this is a quick and straightforward process that will pay dividends for your cause!