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iDonate now offer a crowdfunding and personal fundraising option. The iDonate page is similar in layout to a GoFundMe page. The main differences are that the iDonate page is verified as a legitimate fundraiser. Additionally, the iDonate option is also much more cost effective. We provide local support to help you through every stage of the process. We also proudly display the Guaranteed Irish symbol. Personal crowdfunding is easy to setup and proven to be a cost effective way to fundraise.

Why Start a Crowdfunder / Personal Fundraiser?

There are no upfront costs.
There is no specific goal requirements as you get to keep whatever you raise.
iDonate verify that the fundraiser is genuine.
iDonate offer local Customer Support, both by phone and email.
It is easy to track who’s supporting your campaign.
Great Social Media integrations to make sharing easy!

Crowdfunders / personal fundraisers can be setup for a variety of reasons and needs. Those include medical expenses, memorials home renovation or disasters such as flooding. Families often struggle with sudden expense in the event of a member becoming ill and needing emergency treatment.

How does it work?

Start your campaign, and then share your crowdfunder far and wide on social media. Supporters will be more than happy to share your social media posts. Our range of promotional tools make this part very easy. We provide lots of advice and assistance both by email and phone.
The first step to start a personal fundraiser is to register with iDonate. Registration is free and easy.
This is the link to register –
Once your registration is complete, you are all set to start fundraising. We offer setup advice and technical support at all stages of your fundraising journey.

iDonate is a complete fundraising platform supporting over 3000 Causes all over the country.  We offer a range of  fundraising options, including fundraising pages, online raffles and larger events custom events. Together with our Not For Profits, we work with lots of school fundraising projects. We also support hundreds of sports clubs all over the country. Our give in memory feature is ideal for remembering a loved one. Feel free to contact us at any point to better understand our range of fundraising options.

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idonate was established in 2011 to assist charities & non profits in fundraising. Our aim is to provide tools for both charities and fundraisers to help raise much needed funds.