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How it Works:

idonate is an online fundraising platform for schools, sports clubs, community groups and personal causes.

The system allows the owner / administrator create a profile for the Cause/Charity, to which donations can then be made directly (private donations).

A supporter (fundraiser) may also setup a Fundraising Page where he/she does an Event in support of a Cause.

An Online Raffle feature is also available to the owner / administrator. This is quick and easy to setup.

supporters and fundraisers

create a fundraising page

Anyone can create a Fundraising Page to support any Cause we display on idonate.

Fundraisers (club members, individuals, etc) can take part in Events and use idonate to get friends and family to sponsor them online. We transfer all funds raised by fundraisers directly to the Cause.

step one

fundraising details

Follow the simple steps to create your page.
Start by entering the details of your fundraising:

Select your chosen charities/causes.
Decide on your fundraising target.
Select your event type.

We have a comprehensive list of events on our Events Page

Can't find the event you're fundraising for?
No problem.

You can manually enter your event details
and proceed to the next step.

step two

personalise your fundraising page

Make your page your own!

Add a profile picture so that your friends and family can easily spot your fundraising page.

Add a banner image to personalise your page even further.

Choose a theme from our theme library.

step three

just a few more details

We'll need your email address to verify your registration and to give you updates on your donations as you start to reach your fundraising target.

Pick a password and if you want to,
you can customise your fundraising page URL.

step four

verify your email address

We'll send you an email to verify your registration.
Just click the link in the email and you're all set!

start fundraising!

That's it! Your fundraising page is now live and you can start accepting donations via your page.

charities and causes

register and start accepting
donations within minutes!!

The first step in using idonate is for the Cause Administrator to register with us. Complete the registration process, then, once verified, you can start accepting donations within minutes!

choose an option

There are two options when registering a charity/cause:

once-off fundraising page

If you wish to setup a one time fundraising page which will show total amount raised along with individual donors name & amount donated, choose this option. Typically this is used by people raising funds for a personal cause or local causes.

ongoing fundraising account

ideal for schools, sports clubs, groups, or where the cause has the support of fundraising pages. The cause profile page will not show a running total of donations or individual donations. Users can donate privately to the cause. Also, individuals can create personal fundraising pages in aid of the cause.

activate your account and
start accepting donations!!

Once you register, you will receive an email with an activation link which will put your account live and give you access to your Control Panel. Your Control Panel access details will allow you further update your Cause Profile page on iDonate. This page contains details about the cause, contact details, plus links to website and social media. Supporters / donors can then donate directly to the cause.