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School Fundraising

We have lots of school fundraising ideas on iDonate. This is one of the main areas of activity for online fundraising on iDonate. We cater for the complete range of schools from Primary, to Secondary, to Third Level. In some cases we work directly with school staff. In other cases we work with parents councils or associations. Popular school fundraising projects include sports facilities, special needs classes, playground enhancement and general school maintenance.
iDonate is a complete fundraising platform supporting over 3000 Causes all over the country.  We offer a range of school fundraising options, including fundraising pages, online raffles, larger events custom events.

Fundraising Pages for Schools

School fundraising pages are similar in style to a GoFundMe page, but at a fraction of the cost. Those pages allow for the school to setup an event and then set a target and timeframes. The donor can then optionally have their name, contribution and message displayed on the page.

Online Raffles for Schools

Online raffles have become very popular for schools and can be setup in minutes. Those eliminate the handling of tickets and cash. They allow for the school to describe the fundraiser, set a target, set ticket prices and list the prizes on offer. The online raffle system creates an easy to download spreadsheet, which is then used to facilitate the actual draw. Click for more information on our Online Raffle Creator.

Larger Custom Events for Schools

Larger events can easily be setup by a school or parents group. Those allow for participants to create their own fundraising pages. The amounts raised on each fundraising page are totaled to show an overall total on the Event Page. An example of this type of fundraiser is a Strictly Come Dancing, where each couple have their own fundraising page.

The first step to start fundraising is to register your school with iDonate. Registration is free and easy.
This is the link to register –
Once your registration is complete, you or your school staff and parents are all set to start fundraising. We offer setup advice and technical support at all stages of your fundraising journey.
Feel free to contact us at any point.