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New to iDonate and wish to create a Fundraising Page for a Cause (Charity, School, Sports Club, etc) already setup on iDonate.

New to iDonate and wish to register a new Cause (Charity, School, Sports Club, etc).

You are the Cause Admin and wish to create or edit an Event, Fundraising Page, Online Raffle, or simply edit the existing account details.

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If you are a Charity or Non For Profit Cause and wish to start fundraising, the first step is to register (create an account) on the iDonate platform. This will give us the necessary background information to work with you on your fundraising projects. Once we review your application and put your Cause live, you will be able to select from a number of fundraising options, such as Fundraising Events, Fundraising Pages, or Online Raffles.

Fundraisers have the option to create Fundraising Pages for one or more Causes. When creating a new Fundraising Page, the fundraiser provides the page name, target amount, profile image, description and duration for the page.

Cause Administrators (using their Cause login) can maintain the details of their Cause. Cause Admins can also setup their own Fundraising Events, Fundraising Pages and Online Raffles.

idonate was established in 2011 to assist charities & non profits in fundraising. Our aim is to provide tools for both charities and fundraisers to help raise much needed funds.