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Gary Kelly Cancer Support centre

Contact Details

: George's Street, , Drogheda , Louth , IRELAND
: 0419805100
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: Health
CHY 15163 CRA 20051631

Description :

The mission of the Gary Kelly Cancer Support centre is to create a safe and holistic environment. To preserve the dignity and privacy of the person at all times. To provide psychological support, counselling, information, education and complementary therapies free of charge to people affected by cancer, family members and those who care for them.

Overview :

All supports and services are provided free of charge. A  referral is not required to attend the centre.  There is a drop-in service available Monday to Thursday 10.00am to 4.30pm and on Fridays up to 3.30pm and late night Tuesday. The centre is available to those with a current diagnosis or  who have had a  diagnosis. The supports and services are also available to family members.  The centre is open to those who wish to avail of it support irregardless of address or location of their treatment.

History :

Gary Kelly, was a professional footballer at Leeds United F.C. and has represented Ireland at International level.  Gary held his Testimonial match on 7th May 2002 at Leeds United F.C. raising €1,000,000.00 for Charity. Gary donated €750,000.00 to to establish a cancer related project in Drogheda, his home town, with  €250,000.00 being donated to a Teenage Cancer Trust In Leeds.

Gary said, the memory of Mandy (his sister) who died from Breast Cancer in 1998 prompted him to put something back from his successful career in soccer.

Where Your Money Goes :

All funds raised go directly towards the day to day running costs of the centre.  In 2016 we had 7,000 clients visits recorded,  all of whom received support, guidance and understanding free of charge.  The running cost are in excess of €330,000.00 and the only formal funding received int that year was  - The Irish Cancer Society Counselling grant of €23,040.00.  A Bereavement Counselling grant of €3,200.00 from Tϊsla, a HSE grant of €2,500.00.  A further further €6,000.00 was received from the Irish Cancer Society to provide a Strides for Life programme and two Health awareness programmes.  The shortfall in funding is secured through events, sponsorship and donations. Your support makes a difference and allows us continue with our work. Thank you. 

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