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Irish Refugee Council

Cause Description

The Irish Refugee Council (IRC) is Ireland's only national non-governmental organisation which specialises in working with refugees and asylum seekers in Ireland.

The main focus of our work is on those in the asylum system who are applying to be recognised as refugees. For almost 20 years, we have observed the changes that have been made in response to the arrival of refugees in Ireland. Based on extensive experience working directly with those affected, we have seen the huge financial cost of a failed system and the untold damage that has been and is being done to men, women and children in the asylum process.

The IRC is committed to promoting an asylum system that will be beneficial for people seeking asylum, the decision-makers, and the tax payer.

Our Vision
A just, fair and inclusive Irish society for people seeking protection.

The Irish Refugee Council believes, in accordance with the 1951 Convention relating to the status of refugees, that every person has the right to claim asylum and to have their application considered in a fair and transparent manner.

Our Mission
To promote and enhance the lives of refugees in Ireland

The IRC priorities are delivering high quality legal support to asylum seekers; supporting and protecting children and young people in the immigration system; public awareness; and capacity building among key players in the asylum system in order to bring about change to practice and policy.

Where Your Money Goes

Any money raised is spent on progressing our work across all areas. If you would like your donation or fundraising efforts to go towards a certain aspect of our work, for example the camapign to end Direct Provision or on projects involving children and young people, please just let us know.




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