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Cork Animal Care Society

Cause Description

The Animal Care Society (Cork), a registered charity, CHY14199,  was formed in October 2000. The aim of the Animal Care Society is stated in its name, to try and provide care to animals in Cork City and County that need our help, as far as our funds and facilities allow us to do so. We are almost entirely made up of volunteers who give their time and effort to help animals.

Through our network of dedicated dog, cat and wildlife fosterers we have rehomed or treated thousands upon thousands of animals since our foundation. We also operate a help line service dealing with animal welfare matters and work closely with the local ISPCA inspector where cases of animal cruelty are indicated. Additionally, The ACS, to the best of its ability, tries to assist people who in genuine hardship cases are unable to pay for urgently needed veterinary treatment for their Pets.

We passionately believe in education and visit schools and colleges to give a series of animal welfare lectures.

Every donation made to the ACS is verified by two completelty independent registered chartered accountants. Brian Foley, of OTF accountants,  Dunmanway,  is our treasurer and oversees our day to day income and outgoings. Cuddy, O'Leary and Foley of Little Island, Cork are our registered Chartered auditors, who in turn oversee Brians work and prepare our audited accounts for filing with the companies office and the Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA). Your donation goes to the animals in our care and supports the functioning of this charity. The key people in the ACS pour in their own money, day in day out, to make up any short falls and have done so since our foundation in October 2000.

We very much need your support to continue our vital work.

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The Cork ACS has since its foundation in October 2000 followed a strict veterinary guided non-euthanasia policy

We do not ask where an animal came from, what breed it is, or how ill or healthy it is. If we can, we will do all in our power to take it in, give all required treatment and try to find a permanent loving home. Since our foundation, close on ten thousand animals have been helped. The result of our non-euthanasia policy is that we are always full and struggling to cope financially, as some of our residents need frequent and ongoing vet treatment.  Examples can be seen on our Facebook page. Our annual veterinary bills run in the tens of thousands of euro.

If no suitable home can be found the animal will live out its life with us in safety and comfort. That to us is what a sanctuary means: A place of Safety.

Since the day of its foundation, the Cork ACS has campaigned for better animal welfare legislation, and we believe that our efforts, amongst those of many other organisations, have led to the replacement of the 1911 "Protection" of Animals Act. This century  old Act was hopelessly out of date and we are grateful that the new 2014 Act , which enshrines the "Duty of Care" principle, is much stronger and more up-to-date. However, more needs to be done, for example, mandatory micro chipping has been omitted from the new Act, as well as mandatory neutering of companion animals. Until such time that these, and several other provisions are enshrined in new legislation, we will continue to campaign to the government.

Our education sessions at schools and colleges are always very well received and attended and in many cases we are asked to come back several times during the year for  re-run of our lectures.

In Summary: The Cork ACS does what it name implies: It Cares and for over 15 unbroken years has stayed true to its founding principle: Their Lives...Our Passion.



Founded in October 2000 to try and help address the numerous problems found in animal welfare matters in Co. Cork.

Where Your Money Goes

Your donations are almost exclusively used towards our massive vet bills. These bills are always high, as a direct result of our veterinary guided non-euthanasia policy. Any additional money goes towards our large food bills, as several of our long term resident animals have specialised dietary requirements.

Cause Registration

Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 14199

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20045630

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