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Care After Prison

Cause Description

CAP - Care After Prison is a peer led charity organisation which provides information, referral and support services to people who have been affected by imprisonment. This service offers ex-offenders a safe environment where they identify areas of need within their lives where support is needed to continue with their goal of leading crime free lives.

We believe in the ability of all people to change given the right circumstances and supports.

As part of our information and support service we also work closely with the families and loved ones of people under sentence and awaiting sentencing. CAP also provides services for youth groups & schools around the country. CAP also works directly with victims of crime. CAP's aim is to reduce recidivism and ultimately create a safer and healthier society.

Cause Registration

Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 20419

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20081003

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Carmelite Community Centre, 56 Aungier Street, Dublin 2, Dublin, IRELAND