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Heart Children Ireland

Heart Children Ireland aims to enable all people affected by Congenital Heart Disease to live the best possible lives. Heart Children Ireland supports parents and families of children, teenagers and adults throughout their lives.

We have purchased life saving equipment for both of these units and our support is ongoing. We also directly support our families and children through our family support service, our summer picnic, Christmas party and annual conference. We continue also to directly support our young adults. We have many other supports in place, see for further information.

Heart Children Ireland is the support group in Ireland for all those born with and who acquire Congenital Heart Disease. Since our foundation in 1990 we have raised in excess of €2.5m for CHI at Crumlin. We also support the Adult Congenital Unit at the Mater Hospital. Please read all about us below and see how your incredible fundraising efforts enable Heart Children Ireland to offer vital supports to its members.

Heart Children Ireland was founded in 1990 by a group of parents who had met at Our Lady's Children's Hospital in Crumlin (now CHI at Crumlin). They all had children born with Congenital Heart Disease and drew support from each other while in hospital. How could they maintain this support when they left hospital? 

They decided to form a support group to keep in touch with one another no matter where they lived. They called the group Heart Children Ireland and it became a registered charity . They immediately set about fundraising for vital services for CHI at Crumlin. For example, we funded  the very first Clinical Nurse Specialist at Crumlin and went on to fund a Play Specialist and a Speech and Language Therapist. Vital services and a critical link for families.  As children survive into aduldhoot they transfer to the Adult Congenital Unit at the Mater Hospital. Heart Children Ireland also support this unit and funded the very first Clinical Nurse Specialist to support our adult population. We have supplied vital life saving equipment to both CHI at Crumlin and the Adult Congenital Unit at the Mater Hospital.  

Funds raised for Heart Children Ireland go towards:

Vital machines for our adolescents and adults at the Mater Hospital. They are called Cogu-Chek machines and they allow our members take control of their own health. It means less time in hospital and more time with family and friends.

Financial and emotional  support to families on the transplant journey with their child and to families who are long stay in hospital.

A family Psychology Support Service free to our members, our busiest and most sought after service.

Social events where familes can meet together to share their experiences and support each other. 

A helpline which provides a listening ear.

These are just some examples of what we do with the incredible fundraising efforts of our supporters.  Please contact us to chat with us and to learn more about what we do and how vital your support is to Heart Children Ireland.  



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