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Down Syndrome Limerick

We endeavour to support families and individuals with Down Syndrome throughout their life, through a range of Social, Education and Development activities.
Recognition of the importance of early intervention and of developing communication ability, with due regard to the individuality of the person, guides everything we do.

At Down Syndrome Limerick we provide services to children and adults with Down Syndrome in the Limerick region.  We have a Parent Link programme in place which provides support to parents of a baby who has recently been born with Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome Limerick also provides essential therapies such as Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy to our members.  We provide counselling and arrange training and information evenings and courses for our members and their families.  We run the Ability Adult education programme which enables students to gain the skills required to seek and secure meaningful employment. We also arrange fun activities for members such as dance, art and drama classes as well as cycling and swim lessons for our members. 

We support children and adults with Down syndrome by providing therapies, support, education, social activities as well as purchasing equipment and resources required to successfully run the service. We are supporting over 200 members in the region.  


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Unit 2, Castletroy Park Commercial Centre, Castletroy, Limerick, Limerick, IRELAND - V94 D998

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Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 17503

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20065249

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