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At the SCCUL Sanctuary based in the scenic Kilcornan woodlands we run tailored therapeutic retreat days for community groups and members of the public who are facing a crisis in their lives or in need of healing. To date SCCUL Sanctuary has developed these therapeutic days for the following groups:

Some of our Clients include people living with


Multiple Sclerosis         



Early Dementia


Mental Health Issues


Domestic Violence

 Other clients include

Those who have lost a loved one through suicide

Older and isolated people in our society

People who have suffered a head injury

Full time Carers

Those who have experienced bereavement of a child

We have been extremely fortunate to to have acquired a long term lease from the Brothers of Charity along with planning permission to refurnish a 1970's bungalow into a state of the art therapeutic retreat centre. To date we have had to rent such a facility which as limited the amount of retreat days we have been able to offer. Having our own therapeutic retreat centre enables us to provide a more regular service to those who need it most

The grounds include a beautiful light filled oratory looking out onto the woodlands which is where the workshops and therapies are held. Our sanctuary users can enjoy the beautiful walled garden with an old stone cottage on the grounds which the groups visit after lunch on the retreat days. There are also many wonderful walks in the woods on the grounds of Kilcornan.

In addition to the workshops and therapies provided, time is allowed on each respite day for candle meditation, walks in the beautiful walled garden and surrounding woodlands, homecooked lunch and dessert, homemade scones on arrival, tea/coffee. New coping skills are gained and crucially, connections are made with others who are facing a similar crisis in their life.

Donations received go directly into the running of the therapeutic retreat days.

Each retreat day has three full workshops where up to twenty attendees can learn coping skills and gain support from each other. Each workshop in a respite day is carefully tailored to each groups specific needs e.g. dealing with your emotions through art therapy for people suffering from depression or holistic sessions on caring for your own needs for full time carers.

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SCCUL Sanctuary Bungalow 9 Kilcornan Estate , Clarinbridge, Galway, 97

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